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The Bayfield 36 is one of the best of the long line of Gozzard designed blue water cruisers.
Fabulous Custom Layout, Epoxy Bottom              Owners have found their new boat and this one is priced to sell quickly!
DescriptionFrom the drafting table of the legendary Hayden Gozzard, the Bayfield 36 has been called a Contemporary Classic, with its head-turning classic clipper style bow, handsomely carved teak trail boards and wine glass stern. Cheroka has had many upgrades over the last few years, including Raytheon ST60's & a below deck smart pilot. Below in our directory you will find detailed description and information of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 model plus photos, reviews, specifications, prices, charters and everything else you need to know about this fantastic boat for sale.

Her construction and materials utilized the very latest in fiberglass boat building technology. Search Sacs Marine directory for pontoon boats, fishing boats , aluminium boats, bass boats, speed boats, silboats and luxury yachts for sale.
Contact Bayfield 36 Cutter Dealers, Brokers and Manufacturers directly and find a large selection of pontoon boats, aluminium boats, fishing boats , bass boats, speed boats and yachts for sale on Sacs Marine! The sheer line is a work of beauty and the modified full keel has a cut-away forefoot to give the tracking benefits of a full keel, but with increased maneuverability in tight quarters. She is a safe and comfortable cruising boat, perfect for weekend cruising and ruggedly built for blue water passage making.

I can count on my hands how many vessels I have seen that have received the care and attention to detail that "Verity" has received. Little features have been added everywhere you look to make living aboard more comfortable. To list every little detail he has added or modified is pointless- she's just flat out gorgeous and needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

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