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Take an integrated structural grid system, line it with Kevlar® and then wrap it with refinement deserving of a top-of-the-line fishing or cruising boat.
Beyond cabin amenities, which include a plush V-Berth and a hot and cold water shower, there's an abundance of storage space for diving and fishing gear - and enough rugged-refinement to satisfy the uncompromising expectation of every satisfied owner.
Designed to take you farther and stay out longer, with all the cruising comforts of a forward cabin and spacious cockpit layout, this top-end Vector™ Series model is not short on versatility.

Always make sure you check out the seller or company before you complete any transactions or give out personal information. If you notice any suspicious activity please report it to us so we can do our best to assist you with a safe purchase and prevent future fraudulent activity.

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