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This is a 2000 model (purchased new in mid-2001) 19' Southern Skimmer with a 70 HP Suzuki 4-stoke motor (also a 2000 model). The boat is olive-drab green and tan on the interior making it an excellent duck hunting rig. This has been an excellent all-around boat for me that I have used for duck hunting, trolling for spanish, pulling a water skier and just cruising. The SUNDECK model pontoon boat features a full-width rear sundeck area which is perfect for sun tanning.
The pontoon boat features a large L-Shaped rear lounge seating area with a moveable cocktail table that can be placed at the rear or front seating areas.
The Sundeck Model features a 78-inch beam for conveniences in maneuverability both on the water and on the trailer. You will be please when you experience the excellent performance provided by the 23-inch octagonally-shaped pontoon floats. This pontoon boat performs well with 5 horsepower minimum thru 40 horsepower maximum motor size. Add the convenience of the Custom-Roller style pontoon trailer, and you can easily transport this pontoon boat to any lake you choose! Kennedy Pontoon Boats are protected by a two-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship. Many materials and components utilized in our production process are produced by companies other than Kennedy Pontoons, Inc. Millions, not thousands, of sea turtles have been unintentionally killed by fishing operations in the last 20 years, a new report says. Entangled and drowned in a fishing net off the coast of Brazil, these green sea turtles in an undated picture are just a few of the millions of sea turtles that have been unintentionally killed by fishing operations over the past 20 years, according to a study released today by the journal Conservation Letters."Of all the threats sea turtles face right now, bycatch is the most serious," said Bryan Wallace, a marine biologist with Conservation International and lead author of the study. Fish still firmly in its jaws, this hawksbill sea turtle got entangled while scavenging from a gillnet off Brazil (file photo). Gillnetsa€“such as the one entangling this green sea turtle in a file photo taken off Brazila€“tend to have higher sea turtle mortality rates than longlines or trawls, Wallace said.

Many sea turtles that are drowned in fishing nets are cut loose and wash ashore, such as this turtle in a file photo taken in Brazil.
Leashed by a stray hook in its flipper, a leatherback sea turtle struggles to break free of a longline off Brazil in an undated photo."Leatherbacks don't very frequently get hooked in the mouth," study leader Wallace said. Longliners primarily use two different types of hooks, the J hook (left) and the circle hook.
Most sea turtles in the world are hatchlings or juveniles, such as this olive ridley sea turtle seen on a beach in Indonesia in an undated photo. A leatherback sea turtle returns to the sea in Trinidad and Tobago in an undated photo."Our generation has grown up to know sea turtles, and our kids should be able to," study leader Wallace said. Sampal's calf, seen in the waters off Jeju, South Korea, suggests reintroduced dolphins can go on to lead healthy lives, experts say.
A rare fossil skull found in Argentina offers clues to the way giant sauropods sensed the world around them.
Remarks: This boat is ready to use and has been meticulously maintained by me for 13 years.
Remarks: Fluids recently changed Synthetic oil used in the lower units Bottom paint touched up every fall. Skeeter is famous for fishing boats, and the 20i is just that - a full-blown bass boat with amenities to satisfy any angler.
Boat Brokers and Dealers - click here for information on our free and low cost advertising plans. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
It also has wide gunnels, with rod holders for trolling and rod holders on the side of the console.
This soft sun tanning area measures over 6-feet in overall width so anyone who wants to kick back and enjoy a warm sunny day can do so. Once behind the helm, you will quickly notice how easy it is to drive this compact pontoon boat when on the lake and when returning to the dockside.

Or if you lake is restrictive to gas engines your dealer can equip this model with electric power to make this the ideal electric pontoon boat. Launching and loading is simple with the trailers unique roller design and self -centering guide-bunk system. These components include, but are not limited to: electronics, steering systems, lighting, plywood decking, seat vinyl, carpet, sun top materials, decals, etc. Gillnets are nearly invisible mesh curtains with holes that are sized according to the intended catch."For turtles, just like the fish, if they can't easily perceive it visually, then they can easily run into it," said study leader Wallace.
Small-scale fishers, in particular, tend not to have room on their boatsa€“or timea€“for entangled turtles, according to Wallace."It is really tricky," he said. Easier to swallow, J hooks tend to cause more serious injury to sea turtles, so many fishers are switching to circle hooks, according to study leader Wallace.All longliners registered in Hawaii, for example, are now required to use circle hooks.
The motor has 500 hours on it and I have had it serviced as reccommended and have most of the service records. The sundeck opens to reveal ample storage beneath for fuel tanks and other storage and also allows easy access to the motor compartment. These seats can be replaced with (2) optional front lounge seats with armrests if you prefer a different layout.
The pontoon floats also offer the safety of a multiple chamber design which features a total of six sealed chambers and individual pressure venting to each chamber. All floors have been fiber glassed The bow gunnels and cabin walls have also been fiber glassed. For several years the boat was stored in my driveway under a cover, and then on a boat lift for the last 2 years. All of the bench seating features plastic seat cores and full storage access inside the seats.

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