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One of the longest–running luxury resorts in Belize is gleaming from an upgraded marina and resort facelift. We were shown to our spacious second-story condo, with a view of the grounds, the fountain, the swimming pools and the beach. There are several upscale resorts along the length of the narrow Placencia Peninsula including Francis Ford Coppala's Turtle Inn a more informal, albeit very luxurious resort.
The marina is just short walk from the main resort, where you can dine at the resort's casual restaurant, the Habanero Mexican, which is especially nice for sunset cocktails and appetizers overlooking the Placencia Lagoon. Luxury Latin America is an online magazine offering detailed reviews of the best hotels and resorts in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Our original plan was to stay in Placencia until the 31st of December, check out of Belize on the 31st, sail to New Haven Bight in the south of Belize, and spend two nights there. With no generator, water making is limited (I think I can still make limited amounts using the batteries and inverter for power), and that can be a real problem.
With these issues in mind we decided to change the plan (there's a surprise) and try to leave Belize, and get checked in to Guatemala on the 30th or 31st of December. The new plan was to check out of Belize on the 28th of December, sail to New Haven Bight in the south of Belize on December 29th, and spend the night there. On the morning of the 28th of December we headed into Placencia around 0730 to catch the water taxi, the Hokey-Pokey, over to Mango Creek, Belize.
Kitty and I decided we were not in that big of a hurry, and decided to postpone the checkout until the 29th of December. The morning of the 29th of December we were up and ready to hit the beach in Placencia to catch the 0745 Hokey Pokey over to Mango Creek. On the way back to the dock we ran into the Jim, Lori, and Marci who were on a neighboring boat (Lorena). We got back out to the boat, and got busy getting the boat packed up for what we hoped would be a light passage.
The next morning, the 30th of December, Kitty and I got up at 0515, so we could get under way by 0600. The morning of December 31st, the last day of the first decade of the 21st century, and an occurrence of a Blue Moon, we got up again at 0515. A launcha arrived with Raul, our agent, an official from Immigration, the Port Captain, and an official from Customs. After the officials left, we finished the rest of the dinghy preparation, changed our clothes, got the boat locked up and secured, and headed into the town of Livingston. We talked for about an hour with the boaters gathered at the restaurant, then excused ourselves so we could go back to the boat. We will be changing slips in a day or two, as John is working on getting boats moved around to fill in the spaces of boats that are leaving. We talked to some of the other boaters here at the Marina, and they were having a pot luck that evening to celebrate New Year's Day. Come live on ZAYANN for a sailing trip is not a commercial product or even an affordable dream-like time, but really a life style that can positively change your perception of the world. We are also in Placencia and offer overnight sailing trips in the islands surounding Gladden Spitt, adventures for adventurous people. Transport of specific cargo in Belize from south Punta Gorda to north Corozal, promotion of the label: transport by sail with Traditional Sail Transport.
National Meteorological Service with more information about weather and Hurricanes in Belize.
The condo hotel and its private island bungalows are good choice for romantic getaways, an adventure vacation, family gatherings, or just a vacation hanging out in quiet luxury.
My preference would have been to go by boat were my boat large enough to make it from mainland USA to Robert's Grove and stay in the beautiful new full–service marina, but as it was it was still an incredibly enjoyable visit.
You can have a cold drink and enjoy the view looking back at the beach or out across the Caribbean.
The night we dined at the Habanero there was a well–done Mexican buffet, mariachi music, and dancing. On the 3rd of January, we were going to sail over to Cabo Tres Puntas, in Guatemala, and spend the night there.
While I was running the generator making water, and charging the batteries, the impeller on the raw water pump on my generator failed.
It is not a big problem, as we can still charge the batteries with the main engine, but it is a disappointment, and with that down, it means my options are dwindling. Kitty, with her skin condition, needs a lot of water, and not having it available could be an issue. We emailed John, the manager of the marina in which we would be staying in Guatemala, and also emailed Raul, the check in agent in Guatemala, to verify all of the authorities offices for checking in would be open both days.
On the 30th of December we would sail over to Cabo Tres Puntas, in Guatemala, and spend the night there.

When we got to the water taxi landing in Mango Creek, we hired a cab to take us to the Immigration office in Independence. It had rained a lot during the night, and just when we got ready to get the dinghy off of the davits, a squall came through and postponed the effort to get to the beach on time.
The boat was from Galveston, so we had haled them when they first arrived, and had visited with them over the last two or three days. The first thing we did was get the motor off of the dinghy and secured, and then the dinghy up on the davits and secured. Next, Jim from the Galveston boat came over and picked us up in his dinghy, and we went over his boat to watch a movie.
We were making good time with just the engine powering us, but I unrolled the roller furling Genoa, and our speed picked up to 6.8 knots. We got them all seated in the cockpit, and Raul told me what paper work he needed for each of the officials. They told us, that since we were new, and weren't quite organized, we could just bring a meat to cook, and did not have to bring a dish for the pot luck.
The rooms were beautifully appointed with Belizean hardwood furniture and decorated with fine regional art. It's always wonderful to see the vision of a single person or group of persons become manifest.
If you like there are sea kayaks and snorkeling equipment to satisfy your sense of adventure. The ambiance of the resort makes it the perfect setting for a memorable wedding, a romantic honeymoon vacation, or just a laid back, hang on the beach stay. The next morning, January 4th, we would then cross over the bar, around 1000, and check into Guatemala. The next morning, December 31st, we would then cross over the sand bar around 0800 on the morning high tide, and check in to Guatemala.
We told the John we would be back early in the morning of the 29th, so if he was at the landing, we would use his services. She said no, since we already told her our plans, and she had written up the documents, we could not change our minds.
When we got back to Placencia, we stopped at a small roadside restaurant named the Grill-N-Go to have lunch, which we both really enjoyed. She runs a food stand where she cooks Jamaican jerk chicken, then adds rice and beans and sliced cucumber, and a piece of fruit for $15.00 BZ. While I was getting the final touches on the dinghy and the outside of the boat, Kitty was down below getting the inside of Dream Away ready for a passage. Our plan was to bypass New Haven Bight, and sail directly to our anchorage off of Cabo Tres Puntas. We had two waypoints that I had used when crossing cross the bar when we were here three years ago, and we hoped the sands had not shifted so much as to make those inaccurate … but who knows!! We still had over ten miles to go to get to our final destination, Monkey Bay Marina, so we decided to spend the night in a new marina called Texan Bay. As it turns out, the owner of Texan Bay had purchased three big pinatas and filled them full of toys. After seeing the boats and visiting with a couple of the boaters at the restaurant, we went back to Dream Away so we could get under way.
It is not the normal tropical rain, in which it rains in Biblical proportions for about an hour, and the sun comes out.
Most of the staff we came to find out have been here for many years and are very happy, loyal employees.
Our two–bedroom apartment had a generously sized living room and a full kitchen with everything that we would have needed for an extended stay if we were there for more than a few nights. Jean Marc can usually be found on site directing the new marina project, the hands–on approach is an important factor for its success. I have two impellers on the way, and they will be in Guatemala on the 9th of January, thanks to friend Paul.
We asked them if they would come and get us off of our boat as we were leaving very early in the morning, and wanted to get our dinghy put up and secured.
Since our schedule had been delayed, this was our only hope of getting into Guatemala on the 31st. Because of the squalls, I did not want to put up the main or the mizzen sail just in case one of the squalls had a lot of wind in it. The plan was to be at the bar in Livingston at 0800 the next morning, the 31st of December. We were very anxious to get started as we had been looking forward to the trip up the canyon of the Rio Dulce (Sweet River) ever since we left Guatemala the first time. All of the Mayans were from local villages around the marina, and the owner had invited them all over so the kids could have a chance at the pinatas.

On a side note, the boat “Tempest”, formerly named “Victoria” was there at the marina, and we visited with Ed and Gracie, her current owners.
We had a great meal at the pot luck, and got to meet the the other cruisers currently here at Monkey Bay. It is the misty weather, and then heavy rain for about 2 minutes, then back to the very wet mist.
Robert's Grove has long been a prime luxury destination and is becoming even more so with the new additions. He then told us the day was the official holiday for Boxing Day, which was on a weekend day, December 26th.
When we made our way into Placencia and went to the Hokey Pokey landing, we found that a boat was leaving at 0930. She wrote down the information and typed up the forms, then told us we owed her a $50.00 BZ Late Boarding Fee!
We also stopped at John the Bakerman, but he had no fresh bread or rolls because of the holiday the day before. Their dinghy was still in the water, so they agreed to this plan, which we really appreciated. It was a little slow in the beginning, but turned out to be a great motion picture, which we all enjoyed. I had already decided to run the engine all the way to Guatemala anyway, as I wanted to get a real good charge on the batteries.
We got out all of the paperwork we would need, then started getting the dinghy into the water, and the motor on it. Raul had told us to come to his office in about 45 minutes, and he would have all of the paper work for us stamped and ready to go. As you will notice, I took a bunch of pictures, and they are all probably the same pictures as those we took when we made this same trip in December of 2005. It took me about 15 minutes to get all of the dock lines out, and the fenders secured in place. The whole crowd of Mayans moved to the back of the property where they did the pinata thing. For those of you who have been following our saga all these years, you may remember that this was the boat we originally wanted to buy in Houston. Once across El Golfete, we continued up the Rio Dulce again, and started getting into the area where most of the marinas on the Rio Dulce are located. There were about six golden-mantled howler monkeys, and I was able to get a couple of pictures of them, so I am including them here.
You can host your meetings at the resort's private conference room, which can accommodate up to 70 people.
He said all of the offices were closed, and it would cost over $200.00 in overtime to get all of the officials on the job.
We got a fair amount of sleep, even though it had rained very hard for several hours during the night. The organization takes young Mayans and trains them in the restaurant, hotel, and service industry. When someone bought her out from under us, we were crushed, but ultimately found our Hardin, on which we now live.
From what I hear, they come every day, so I will have a lot more opportunity to take pictures of them. The distance is about 42 nautical miles, from Placencia, Belize, to Cabo Tres Puntas, so we should have no trouble getting to our anchorage in plenty of time.
So all of the help at the restaurant are students in some phase of their training, and the profits go to support the orphanage. We entered the marina and got tied up with a lot of help from boaters who were already at the marina. When we delivered our boat from Florida, there was “Victoria”, a CSY pilot-house ketch, sitting across the dock from us.
During the next couple of years we made two attempts to buy her, even living aboard for a few months while we shaped up Dream Away for possible sale.
We encountered her again the first time we were in the Rio, and here she was again, this time.

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