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Designs vary greatly, but make sure you read the rules and regulations before starting out. Cardboard can be picked up from Supermarkets, big white good shops, or from friends and families. Even with a boat made to awesome workmanship standards, you’re gonna sink if you take too long on the water! Don’t forget when prepping that there is a prize for best boat and best dressed paddler! Location: Huddersfield, UK camping kid build for raft race On 18th July my mate and I are heading for a small Scottish island for up to 4 weeks heavy camping, with as many boats as we can take, and 4 small boys aged 6,7,8,9.
We won't stand much chance of getting materials on the island, so we have to take them, as well as all the camping gear, on a 350 mile drive, and build on the campsite, with minimal hand tools. We weren't going to do built in bouyancy - the race is only 400 yards in very benign conditions, with rescue boats, and all the kids have life jackets. Location: san francisco Here is a possible starting point for what you've in mind. You'll find some very straightforward information about designing and building a simple boat. You could even pre-waterproof the cardboard, as you're not going to be entering a cardboard regatta. It would essentially have a bottom and two sides but I would also enclose the ends to prevent water from slopping in. The bottom would be about 1ft wide, sufficient to allow one knee down and one foot down in classic canoe posture. Small self tapping screws in combination with liquid nails is probably the best method of fixing ply to stringers. It would be something like my V14 hull only shorter and fatter with a cockpit having enough length for four boys to frenetically wield paddles without injuring each other. This will be about 50% faster than your little cat and I think a simpler build as there is only one hull involved.

You will need a little rocker on the floor fore and aft of the bulkheads if the side pieces are cut in parallel lengths because the sides are flared.
Location: Huddersfield, UK Crusher pictures Some pictures of Crusher, the outrigger canoe I built with my friend Paul and our 4 small boys, aged 6 to 9, who came second in the raft race and won a terrific 6kg halibut, which served 18 of us! Location: Huddersfield, UK and a picture of Fangle and Crusher beached together. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. A cardboard boat regatta is an event where participants build their own boats using materials from a specified list and race them during timed heats with the fastest time being declared the winner in the respective classes. The Titanic Award – awarded to the most spectacular sinking of your vessel, all components of your boat must be recovered to qualify. PLUS: First, second, and third place in all Divisions if your boat makes it across the finish line!
I'm re-rigging the boat for offshore racing over here in Guernsey, Channel Islands (between England and France) with my Evinrude 200HO. There is no gelcoat on the boat at all, it's just primer and then a vinyl wrap, so the first job was to remove that and redo it. With the bottom painted we loaded it back onto the trailer, and set about giving the whole boat a flush skim of filler to smooth out where tiny sections of paint were pulled off when removing the wrap. A quick photoshop of the basic graphic job that's going on, there'll hopefully be loads of sponsors on the bow!! Collapse several cardboard boxes by separating the top and bottom flaps, then folding the entire box flat.
Tape four spread-out boxes of the same size, one on top of the other, together in the middle of each side to make the bottom of the boat(note the rule against liberal tape use IE don’t plaster the whole bottom!). Tuck flat pieces of cardboard in between the upright pieces of the corners so that they form side walls for the boat, then tape them firmly into place. Reinforce the corners of your boat, both inside and out, with folded pieces of cardboard or cut-out box corners.

Make sure your seams are covered by duct tape and then use an eco friendly paint or varnish(I’d put newspaper as a layer below any varnish) to give it a good water sealing. Joe - I did think quite hard about cardboard - I'm just desparately short of time before we head off, and there's nowhere local to buy it in large sheets. I think I will go for your design complete, Once I got happy with lapping the two side pieces to get the length (PUR and tiny screws should give plenty of moment resistance.) I can see it would be easier to build too - and like the curved bow and stern, the slight flare, and the rocker. Tuck part of the side wall between the corner pieces and the boat base if possible before taping. The idea is that there shouldn’t be any seams directly in the corners, and the wall pieces should be taped together into one continuous unit. We'd like the boys to build as much as possible - they can bang a nail in, screw a screw, saw okish.
We might go for it next year if the timing works, and I have a bit more time to think through engineering the rigidity in.
Slide them between the layers of the boat bottom, at its corners, and tape them securely into place. The spars hold the hulls to shape, attached with some 12mm width cable ties, and the boys sit on the spars to paddle. I have drain pipe for the outriggers ends stopped with squirty foam filled 2litre pop bottles - a fairly snug fit. I guestimate there will be about 4 to 6 inches between the bottom of the out riggers and the water surface.

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