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Sailing on seas is fun only when you have the entire family together and have a lot of fun time and bonding. The yacht features a spacious cockpit, “created by a well-forward set mast, and the optional thwart, gives room for plenty of people as well as the ability to stow the outboard engine in a rear locker”. Lugger man, Paul Greenwood of Looe had suggested that Marcus should build the Grayhound many years before when he was building his 32 ft dipping lugger Veracity see below. Marcus and Freya met in 2004 in Dartmouth when they were working with the Trinity Sailing Trust.
On their return from France, they dropped anchor in Cawsand Bay, friends Chris and Marsha Rees rowed out to greet them. From that day on Freya and Marcus started work in earnest.Chris agreed to take on the design and head the build. April 2011 saw tonnes of wood delivered and processed in Chris Rees’ yard in Millbrook.
The Grayhound quickly took shape, she had a keel laying party where a lot of people came to celebrate her conception and toast our newly laid keel and frames.
We fastened the planking with treenails, also known as a trenails or trunnels, they are wooden pegs that were traditionally used to fasten timbers in shipbuilding. Our Sponsorship scheme involved  over 4000 people, their names and messages written on Treenails inside the Grayhound. I am incredibly proud and full of emotion to have witnessed a momentous day for Marcus Rowden and Freya Hart in real life, but it was icing on the cake to discover the next morning that huge human endeavor in the Olympic stadium had brought success to other young Brits realizing their dreams on the same day. How To Build a Dart 13 Ft Sail Boat Plans How To Build a Dart 13 Ft Sail Boat PlansSAILING is a word to conjure with.

And if you are looking for the perfect family yacht, the RS Venture sailing dinghy is just what you need.
The yacht also has room beneath the side tank for putting stowage bags with all your seas adventure like snorkelling equipment or drinks in the cool bag compartment safely and securely.
But many years later with his new partner Freya, the idea of building a new larger lugger was a reality. Years later they were both sailing back from the West Indies and hooked up in a bar in the Azores. Chris a well respected boat builder in the South West, who works out of Millbrook was instantly interested in their plan.
The yacht can house a family of six and can be used both for sailing or as a toy for “leisurely, natural alternative to the traditional superyacht speed seeking toys and tenders”. It was here that they fell in love and dreamed of sailing a large vessel which could work commercially, taking paying passengers with them while they continued to sail the globe. In 2008 Chris built the Spirit of Mystery for Pete Goss , who then sailed her to the Southern Ocean. Fairlie Restorations  fed Chris’ plans into the computer to give us our structural assesments, stability information and framing patterns. By August the boat was in piles, like a massive jigsaw ready to be constructed in Voyager’s Shed 1. A venture that they hoped would provide a good life for them as a family, while treading as lightly as possible on the earth’s resources and still earn them a living. You can pick up the dinghy in a number of customized colors options and finishes to meet all your storage requirements.

Both having worked in the industry for many years, as skipper, mate and cook felt they had the ability and passion to put their stamp on  their own traditional sailing business.
Answers came when they were sailing back from Brittany that summer and passed La Cancalaise sailing by with all her sails up. Like history repeating it self but this time by Chris not Paul, the Grayhound plans were brought to the table and toasted with Caribbean Rum and a good meal that night in Cawsand Bay. It ranges from merely in lazily in light breezes to bowling along with the wind whistling through the rigging and lee rails awash, giving action and thrills akin to flying. It was a windless afternoon and a saxaphone was playing on deck, the music drifting across the channel.
The Grayhound  uses the standing lug, in which the yard remains on one side of the mast and the tack is set close to the mast. At that moment they were struck with inspiration to find and build an English version of a three masted lugger and get sailing. Shipping is free by means of a download link that will be provided after payment and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase I will refund your payment in full.You can also contact me if you have any questions?

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