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Build Contest: Build a pilotable aircraft of some sort that is for transporting either people or cargo.
For this contest you must build some sort of flying vehicle which would be used for transporting people, or any other type of cargo (can be military or commercial). To enter your craft into the contest, build it in the creative world on your plot, and build a Collum of glowstone in one corner of your plot.

The ability to build and man submarines (regular members only have access to the airskiff sign)  and 1,000 in game money  -You can buy things in the shopping mall. You can also use wood, wood stairs, wood fence, water, dispenser, redstone, buttons, levers, pistons, and glass to build your air vehicles.
After you have built your vehicle, place a sign on it and type the name of your vehicle on the first line write  airskiff  (may not be on a signpost)  on the next line you can write the name of your vehicle if you want.

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