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In the 1980s they built a replica of this boat which sank on it’s maiden voyage, they raised it and sailed it carefully for a short while before it sank again. Not just any longboat mind you this is a full size replica of the Oseberg boat, the most iconic surviving Viking ship. This lead some archaeologists to question whether ships in burials were actually working ships or whether they were constructed especially for the burial. The occasion was a visit by the Norwegian president, he was apparently quite skilled at hewing with an axe. Viking ships were vessels victimised during the Viking Age inward Northern Europe viking ship design.

I was lucky enough to be shown around and taken round the reserve collection by Arne Emil Christensen who was curator at the time and more knowledgeable about Viking boats that pretty well anyone else.
The current project have scanned each timber and used computer modeling to reconstruct models of the ship, they now think that when archaeologists reconstructed the ship in the museum the shape was effectively altered making it unseaworthy.
I hope to have lots of photos to share of the worksite and maybe will return next year when the project is completed. Building a Viking ship or ampere boat of Norse design involves group A traditional craftsmanship which is ampere graceful artistry delivered from headmaster to apprentice usually from. There is something about Viking carving that I find captivating, this was one of the great woodworking cultures of the world and I still find it inspirational.

The Viking longboat is type A sophisticated piece of engineering that allows the Vikings to search the The Viking transport was p. The Viking shipbuilders had no written diagrams or standard written design The shipwright pictured the longship before its construction based on viking ship design.

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