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2) A Skerry would be faster (that's not critical) but am I correct in thinking it would be difficult to climb aboard her rounded stern after a swim? There aren't many rowboats that weigh less than 100 pounds which would accommodate a ladder over the transom that would permit a 6'4, 210# swimmer to readily come aboard.
My favorite candidate for a good pulling boat for SF Bay that could be built by a dedicated amateur would be L.F. I like 3 rowing stations because it gives me the choice of midships rowing solo or well spaced (I'm not talking about smoking pot ) when 2 are in the boat, and it's true that it can be difficult to row in synch with some people. If you're open to paddling instead, and a kit appeals to you -Pygmy has a large kayak that can be built with two or three cockpits. Re-define your requirements, and come up with the ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE list, listing the WOULD BE NICE separately. For example, when you say that you have to carry the boat over a footpath, what exactly do you mean? If you are daunted by the prospect of doing a glued lap boat, I believe you can strip build some of these designs. More significantly, building from plans will almost certainly incur a much higher cost in terms of time -- the time to do what the kit compiler has already done, and the time to learn how to do it. If a primary the goal is to become a boat-builder, then that time can be well spent -- indeed, there is no way to learn some things except by doing.
But if the primary goal is to have a boat, while saving the money of buying an already-built boat, with a secondary goal of being somewhat involved in the construction of the craft, a kit can be worthwhile.
I suppose that there are some kits out there for badly-designed boats, just as there are drawn plans for sale for badly-designed boats -- but there are some boat kits that are very well designed. Where I am, one additional criteria is the availability of marine plywood, so I like to build the Cosine Wherry, from Rip, Strip, and Row.
I have had two boats available for rent at the dock in Pender Harbour for 5 years now, and they have proved safe and stable, and surprisingly robust, in spite of being stored outdoors year round and in the water for the whole summer. La Mondiale was the fastest Rowing Boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean until the ‘Sara G’ set a new ‘speed’ record in 2010.
La Mondiale’s first Record was achieved in 1992 by a French Crew who had commissioned her build.

The Record set then was 33 days 7 hours and 30 mins and during that expedition three further Records were achieved. Ocean Row Events Avalon and her crew left Mogan at 19.10hrs 17 January 2013 and completed the expedition on 22 February 2013, a total rowing time of 35 days 12 hours 41 minutes.
Our new boat, a 8 person monohull, made of carbon kevlar with design features which aide self righting and reduce drag significantly.
We shall set off from Puerto Mogan on Gran Canaria and arrive in Port St Charles on Barbados a route which will see us covering 3000 miles of open ocean on our quest. Or you may want to have a bespoke one-off and utterly unique ocean row boat built just for you.  We can work with your ideas to come up with your dream boat. We price up each SeaSabre ocean row boat individually depending on your exact requirements so contact us now with your design or ideas for a no-obligation quote. We also sell ocean rowing rudders, can design and build other bespoke one-off items for your ocean row boat as well as refurbishing your used ocean row boat to get it fully ready for your ocean passage. Be a part of the first mixed team of rowers to make landfall in South America having crossed the Atlantic. Two ocean rowing record holders build these specialist boats for long distance rowing events. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. As with most projects, some of my design criteria are in conflict & must be compromised. I realize they are generally fixed seat but am I being unrealistic in thinking I could fit one with sliding seats & 3 pairs of oarlocks in the gunn'ls? You'll get just a little more speed but it will cost you more energy, so it's probably not worth it, especially since you can row it at hull speed with a fixed seat.
Make the fore and aft thwarts 12" wide with watertight storage flotation compartments below. It's a 100 lb 17-footer, and can row one or two from three positions (fixed seat) or one sliding seat.

Detailed progress charts and other interesting bits of information regarding this expedition are available on the Ocean Rowing Society Website. These are unique to our boat and we are quietly confident that she is indeed a very special craft with blistering pace. We aim to cross the world?s largest ocean with a crew of eight people from mainland to mainland, Peru to the east coast of Australia. The amount of energy it takes to increase speed goes up at about a cube of the increase in speed.
A hull with a wide enough transom won't row nearly as well, and it feels so good to be ghosting along a a good rate with little effort. ALthough I don't plan to go out in a raging gale, the weather here can change quite suddenly from fresh breeze to white caps & rollers so the boat must be seaworthy above all else, even at the expense of speed.
The CLC site has video of the prototype being rowed in various configurations, and a search of this forum will also come up with comments. Maybe you could convert one to rowing with outriggers, if rowing is a must - might be more trouble than it's worth.
I can't speak personally as to seaworthyness, as the most I've personally seen is a one and a half foot swell, but one of my clients says his handled well in 3 foot seas(he took it out to test it). She must be strong but not too heavy- under 100 pounds for the hull- as I must carry her over a foot path to the Lake. When I was looking at kits it seemed one of the better deals (at least the rowing version), and from the safety of my armchair (!), I think it would be pretty seaworthy. They list the weight as 64# - still more than I'd want to carry very far or lift on top of a vehicle.

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