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I havent even given it much thought yet but, I guess something about 18' long and probab 8' wide.
Mark Willis, in Stuart, Fl., a custom yacht builder now has a kit available for a flats boat.
Deadwood is a name that pops up on occasion and is linked to what some of us presume are aliases. Resting on their side, space the 4×4 posts you built on the floor, in their respectable locations.
Using the circular saw with a metal blade, cut the ? inch threaded rod into seven 18 inch lengths. With the subframe constructed thread a nut all the way to the bottom of each threaded rod, on top of the other nut that’s already there. Collect some scrap 2x4s and screw up six blocks that are 4×4 thick and eight inches long. Building the bow section is easy, but you’ll need something to support the wood while you assemble it. Attach the 2 inch caster to the end of a 2×4, and install the last threaded shaft with nuts, washers and the metal conduit.

Take the last remaining 2x4x8 and screw it diagonally to the bottom of the frame spanning from one 2x12x16 to the other.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
If so I am curious to see pics and the process from start to finish including the do's and donts. I'm sure there is a lot of work that goes into that boat and they'll sell some to the lucky few, but wow, even I was surprised by that number. Jumps into threads with a lot of negative posts that are generally barely on topic (or off topic completely) just to piss people off.
10% of any profit goes towards charity and the rest will help me continue to support my family and build out this website. Toss a washer over this and slide the conduit over the threaded rod to where it rests on top of the washer. I realized people were having difficulty with stands that weren’t mobile, floors being unlevel and stands that were hard to adjust.
You’ve now created six miniature jacks, each micro-adjustable with the turn of a wrench.

Using three 2x6s cut to the correct length, make a second figure eight, completing most of the frame. At this time you can also find what angle to bevel your 2×10 boards so they rest flush with the end of the frame.
Soon I’ll convert this same stand to hold the boat in an upright position for gluing in the bulkheads and stringers.
So I decided to make a stand that’s both mobile and easily to level with just the twist of a wrench. Use your ? inch bolts, nuts and washers to attach the 3 inch casters to the 4×4 posts at this time. Then cut your last 2×6 in two pieces and lay all four boards on the floor to determine your desired angle. Take six of these threaded rods and bolt the stand together using two washers and two nuts for each rod.

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