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As a dickhead Northeastern liberal college boy, my impulse when it comes to North Carolinian sludgers Weedeater is to see their dirt-worshiping malevolence as some form of high art. Weedeater’s time-tested formula of “if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing on NyQuil” is in full effect throughout Jason… the Dragon, and Collins’ bass drives many of the band’s plundering grooves, like that of the memorable “Long Gone” or the six-minute centerpiece title-track, noises that sound like either he or guitarist Dave Shepherd bumping a microphone popping here and there, as on earlier, faster cuts “Hammerhandle” and “Mancoon.” The aforementioned “Palms of Opium” hits as an appropriate change of pace after  “Jason… the Dragon,” giving a Ween-style air of weirdness to the album where intro “The Great Unfurling,” with its sampled preaching, more or less just affirmed the overarching Southern-ness. The flow of Jason… the Dragon is helped by the fact that the four songs after the intro and before “Palms of Opium” – namely “Hammerhandle,” “Mancoon,” “Turkey Warlock” and “Jason… the Dragon” – all bleed into each other, one to the next, making Side A feel more or less live, so that when the quirk of the record’s back half with “Palms of Opium” or drummer Keith Kirkum’s minute-long solo “March of the Bipolar Bear” comes on after “Long Gone,” you’re already so engrossed in what Weedeater are doing, you’re simply pulled along for the ride. The building tom hits of “March of the Bipolar Bear” set up hefty album highlight “Homecoming,” on which Shepherd’s guitar takes a somewhat brighter tone – more new territory for Weedeater – that plays excellently with Collins’ vocals, delivering not only the best riff of Jason… the Dragon, but another example of the band’s expanding reach.
This question is from 4-Cycle 30cc Gas Wheeled Trimmer 4 answers do they offer a blade kit for this trimer for brush? RYOBIOutdoors - I don't think the brushcutter attachment you list really fits this WHEELED trimmer. This question is from 4-Cycle 30cc Gas Wheeled Trimmer 2 answers Why will it not start after motor is hot? This held true with 2007’s excellent God Luck and Good Speed, but perhaps the drive has never been so present as it is with their latest, Jason… the Dragon.
More than the clever plays on expectation, however, what Weedeater genuinely do better on Jason… the Dragon than they’ve ever done before, is write good songs. For what it’s worth, “Long Gone” offers another catchy hook and groove, and were Jason… the Dragon’s high point not still to come, “Long Gone” would almost certainly be it.

It has its puns and its riffs, but more than that, it builds on what has always been appealing about Weedeater without sacrificing that same appeal.
It looks like it would stick really far out and probably the blade would not be at the correct angle. An album born of blown-off toes and broken bones, it’s Weedeater’s fourth overall, second for Southern Lord, and backed by stunning Arik Roper artwork and the formidable and live-sounding production of the venerable Steve Albini, it does a hell of a job marrying Weedeater’s aural fuck-all to a tradition of creatively naturalist Southern nihilism that goes back to Delta blues and Robert Johnson. God Luck and Good Speed had a couple standouts in its titular opener or “Dirt Merchant,” but almost across the board, Jason… the Dragon is built on a foundation of solid songwriting.
The plucked-banjo and rain finale “Whiskey Creek” gives way to silence after about two and a half minutes, leading to a hidden track of bluesy harpsichord (one has to wonder of those words have ever appeared next to each other before) that wraps up the album. The 4-cycle, wheeled trimmer allows for heavy-duty trimming without the fatigue of hand carrying the equipment. They may have gotten more adventurous in the last few years, but Weedeater still have a firm sense of what makes them who they are, and that comes across both on the straightforward first half and the more exploratory Side B of Jason… the Dragon. The string head is affixed to an angled trimming boom, so you can trim areas right next to your fence posts and other obstacles.
The pull cord will not come all the way out each and every time when I try to pull the cord. Whether that’s conscious or not, I haven’t a fucking clue, but for the 34-minute duration of Jason… the Dragon, it sure works.

If you’ve never been able to get into Weedeater, some of these new (or at least more prevalent) elements might change your mind, and if you’re a longtime fan, you don’t need me to tell you that this should be one of your most anticipated releases of 2011. This gave me a speed of 22 mph, up hill or down (faster if I disengaged the motor on the down hill). I don’t know whether or not it’s high art, but it’s the best record Weedeater have put together yet. I got 84 mpg, which was not as good as I thought I might get, but, then again, I weigh 254 lbs. It never failed to start and I rode 356 miles on it according to the spoke mtd odometer before I sold it. It does a GREAT job around trees and I do not have the strength to carry a heavy weed eater!

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