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The sharpie design is believed to have originated along the Long Island Sound in the 1800's as a workboat in the oyster fishery. Not having a great amount of woodworking skill or knowledge, or even tools for that matter, it has been, and is, a learning experience.
Thinking of building your own Sharpie or have a suggestion on how it should really be done, let me know.
We snuck another sail in after checking the weather forecast just before putting Vika to bed for the season. Sharpies are long, narrow sailboats with flat bottoms, extremely shallow draft, centerboards and straight, flaring sides. It would stick occasionally so I will also drill a hole in the trunk top for a stick to convince it to come down if needed. Summer 2007: Peace Canoe-Before there was a Sharpie project I built the Peace Canoe as a warm up.

Interrupted the Sharpie to buy and assemble a trailer and to finally launch the Peace Canoe that I built 2 summers ago.
Before Spring officially arrived I managed to plane the trailing edge of the rudder to half it's former width, reclothed, epoxied, faired and painted it. Wood-Finding wood for this project took many phone calls, internet searches, and visits to lumber yards. Drove to Mystic for the Wooden Boat Show, where we got to see lots of great boats, including some sharpies.
It has a wide assortment of local woods, some suitable for boat building, including white oak, ash and black locust. RC ADVENTURES - Chrome Tamiya King Hauler Truck pulls 8x8 Tipper Truck on Triple Axle Trailer. Not much progress on the boat, not only was it cold, even for December, I had to make 88 awards for a trail run in January that I direct.

Also changed the paint scheme and used black locust for thwarts and trim as I plan to do on the real thing, one of these days. The addition of a real table saw, vs the contractors saw I had been using for 20 years, will give me fewer excuses for sloppy work. 1 Easy Change You Can Make To Your Bow Roller To Keep Your Boat Straight On Your Boat Trailer.

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