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Recently, North Korea(Communism nation) have announced that their dictator, Kim have raced with your company’s staff member(Mechanic) about 20 years ago(when Kim was 9 years old) and he won twice exceeding 125MPH.
I do know this crosschecking is somewhat ridiculous and it is obvious that North Korea is lying about it. Bench Seating I believe is preferable — more flexibility, longer lasting, and easier to load. Coast Guard doing there thing — making sure that the boats provide a FUN and SAFE ride!
Metal arrives for 2 twelve seaters — one going on the Ohio river next year in Madison ID…watch for our new press brake (50 years old) in action bending the metal!
Portugal ships out in a week — test driving a the newly redesigned 8 degree — it will be AWESOME!
Location: Yemen Hi every body I have a boat 13m it is a v bottom hull not much at the transom about 12dig dead rice , I want to fix single engine with shaft and prop , I have to make a tunnel to get the propeller clearance question is what is the best rudder position to get the best performance.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Initial discussions with customers establish and define the class and functional requirements of the vessel. Close communication is kept between estimating, design and engineering, administration and production staff to ensure timely delivery of each component, its adherence to quality and production schedules.   What this means to the customer is a quality product built and delivered on time, at the most competitive price possible. Our large modern custom boat and ship manufacturing facilities and metal working machinery enable us to build both large and small vessels simultaneously . Our custom boat and shipbuilding facilities are strategically laid out to afford smooth through-put flow of materials and components from delivery, inspection, stocking, preparation to incorporation into the vessels production process.
The completed structures, decking and railings are prepared and ready for finished coatings. However, I want to know from your members about your history and your product’ leakage to North Korea.

If I put the rudder blade complete inside the tunnel (rudder blade will not come out from the end transom.
Vessels up to 34m (100ft) in length can be built completely inside under heated environmentally controlled conditions, while larger vessels are built in sub-sections and assembled outside within the shipyard .
Or move the rudder blade to stern so rudder blade will come out of the transom end about half of the rudder.
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