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At the Goddess Tubtim Shrine hundreds of oversized phalluses of all shapes and sizes stand tall, proud, and dare we say, erect – proof that even in the spirit world size really does matter! A huge, three-headed elephant statue standing upon an equally gargantuan pedestal is the first, and last, thing you see when visiting Samut Prakan's Erawan Museum.
Corpses of mass murdering cannibals, glass jars containing deformed babies and gruesome autopsy photographs are all preserved for posterity in Bangkok’s very own hall of horrors. The Human Body Museum in Siam Square is a weird and amazing exhibition of 14 dissected human bodies from Japan. An elephantine landmark in the Chatuchak district, the Elephant Tower is one of the most unique buildings in Bangkok. Located well outside Bangkok, this unusual temple is worth mentioning with its giant dragon coiled around the red 17-storey tower.
The Bangkok Correction Museum is another of these creepy-quirky places some travellers seem to enjoy. You had enough temples, culture and pretty sights for the rest of your holidays and you are looking for a little thrill in the city? Today, while the city is up to speed with modern times, the grandeur and glory of its illustrious past prevails. Writer-director Dean DeBlois steers Hiccup, Toothless and the rest of the Vikings of Berk straight into trilogy territory on a large scale with How to Train Your Dragon 2. DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon was an unexpected hit when it was released in 2010. The trilogy proposal intrigued Katzenberg and, with Sanders having moved on full-time to The Croods, it was a chance for DeBlois to step up and write and direct on his own the sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2, out June 13.
DeBlois says as a viewer he has an aversion to sequels because most of them are disappointing in that they don’t live up to the original or are too much of a retread. Knowing that DreamWorks was committed to a trilogy was useful in coming up with the story for Dragon 2. The result is an epic tale that expands the story of Hiccup, played again by Jay Baruchel, his trusty dragon Toothless and the Viking land of Berk. DeBlois, who wrote the movie based loosely on the books by Cressida Cowell, says the biggest difference between working on the first and second film was the second film had the luxury of time. With four years between release dates, DeBlois says they were able to rebuild the characters from the ground up and incorporate a new generation of software into the DreamWorks pipeline called Apollo that vastly improved the toolset and interface for the animators.
The animators were consulted on what they wanted from animation software if it were to be re-created from the ground up. The result, with artists working via a stylus on a touch-screen display, was liberating for the animators, Otto says. That allowed animators to spend more time exploring ideas and refining their work and having a toolset that supported those ideas. The results are easily seen in the final film, where the character performances achieve a level of detail and subtlety that sets a new standard for DreamWorks. Especially key is the interface, which removes the need to wrangle data and re-render and allows animators to use a stylus and touch-screen display to work directly with characters in real time.
Drago, meanwhile, got a boost from the casting of Hounsou as his voice, which inspired separate design takes to come up with the dreadlocked look the character eventually developed, Otto says. As for the dragons, the sequel presented an opportunity to improve their designs and expand the number and type of dragons almost exponentially.
For example, Valka’s dragon, Cloud Jumper, had a kind of alien but mesmerizing look, Otto says.
The movie deftly handles its epic battle sequences as well as it does its character moments, again upping the ante in a massive dragon battle in which opposing forces backed by giant dragons engage in a beachfront battle.
As with the first film, there is a healthy dose of comic relief in Dragon 2, an element DeBlois says he finds refreshing and invigorating when working on such a long project. DeBlois says the high bar set by original movie and everyone’s desire to ensure the sequel matched it was an important reality check. Having completed the second act of his trilogy, DeBlois is anxious to see how the film is received. The long haul of making an animated movie can be difficult, especially when you’re reviewing a sequence or scene dozens of times. A city that never sleeps, Hong Kong is bursting with an energy that never fails to exhilarate visitors – and when it comes to boosting team morale, the city’s buzz can really fuel the fire for engaging team-building activities. Corporate groups can discover the art of Chinese culinary techniques through one of Hong Kong’s remarkable cooking schools.
This traditional Chinese sport is all about team work as groups of between 20 and 22 competitors work together in time to move these 10-metre-long boats through the water as fast as possible. A Chinese custom that marks all and any traditional celebration, the Lion Dance is the epitome of team spirit as two or more people work together to bring the almighty dragon to life. Arm your achievers with clues and a map then send them around Hong Kong in search of fantastic treasures.
Reenergise your team with the art of Tai Chi, an exercise for the mind, body and soul that has been practiced in Hong Kong for centuries.
Both Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park are well equipped to accommodate corporate groups and provide unique team-building experiences. Get your subscription to micenet magazine for all the latest industry news, offers and promotions. Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome.Not a member?
Nobody but everyone ready for Dragon Age: Inquisition expects the inquisition and resulting takeover of keeps.
Personally it doesn't bother me as long as they get rid of the repetitive wave combat and enemies magically dropping from the ceiling.
It is very interesting to see that they are now allowing for multiple races for the playable character.
Of course, if this game turns out to be like Mass Effect 3, with an ending that just destroys the entire series, then I will be done with BioWare games. If I remember correctly BG allowed you to have different keeps depending on your class, castle was reserved for the warrior and priests, thieves, mages and druids had different options, so yeah after more than a decade BG2 is still the best rpg experience :D.
I don't mind freedom in an RPG, but I have a bad feeling that because of keeps, exploration etc.
That's just me being cynical, but whenever a dev starts talking about sandbox features in what has been a linear series of games, I can't help but feel that they are focusing less on improving their mistakes and more on trying to compete with Skyrim. AMMAN, JORDANImposing architecture and art followed Roman armies to the farthest flung corners of the empire. HADRIAN’S WALL, ENGLANDBarbarians would have stared up at this section, which runs along a cliff near the northern town of Once Brewed.
BECHELN, GERMANYOnly a few stone foundations remain from the more than 800 watchtowers built by Roman soldiers along 342 miles of the frontier linking the Rhine and Danube Rivers.
Roman soldiers went into battle with a shield, a spear to throw at close range, and a short sword for stabbing or slashing, as shown on this pedestal found in Mainz, Germany. This dragon’s head would have been carried into battle on a pole, with a fabric body attached. Millions of slaves captured from conquered provinces or from beyond the edge of the empire kept Rome’s economy rolling. Broken in two pieces, this fragment of a hand-painted glass vessel was found near Hadrian’s Wall.
TIMGAD, ALGERIAThis triumphal arch awed visitors to the city of Thamugadi, founded by the emperor Trajan around A.D. CORBRIDGE, ENGLANDFirst a fort, Corbridge later became a civilian settlement that helped supply soldiers stationed on Hadrian’s Wall. This throbbing metropolis is a fertile breeding ground for the strangely beautiful and beautifully strange, and you’re sure to stumble across something that makes you stop, stare and reach for your camera in awe.

It's a splendid, towering beast: 250 tons in weight, 29 metres high, 39 metres long, and cast in pure, green-hued copper. Some might think this is a really creepy idea but there is always a small audience who quite like to be freaked out by morbid things whilst on holiday. The three towers (A, B, and C) make up a shape of Thailand's national animal, which can be seen even from the Expressway.
The head of the giant dragon is clearly visible from from a distance, but the temple is located near the highway and most people don't take much time to look around. Set in the three remaining buildings of what used to be a maximum security prison built in 1890, the Correction Museum is located on Maha Chai Road, just past Chinatown. According to the architect, the original inspiration for the 20-storey building came from his son's toy robot. Abandoned since the 1997 economic crisis, this concrete monolith was supposed to become one of the most luxurious residences in Bangkok. Co-directors Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders had taken over the film just a little more than a year out from release and revamped the story from the ground up. He looked at the few sequels he thought really worked and was most inspired by one of the most-universally admired and successful sequels of all time: The Empire Strikes Back. Having fully incorporated dragons into their lives following the events of the first movie, exploring new frontiers tempts Hiccup more than following his father Stoick’s path of leading the tribe. The overall message was for an intuitive system with a user interface that allowed artists to more directly interact artistically with characters and see them render and move in real time, and reducing or eliminating the need to wrangle data, Otto says. He also had to move in a very specific way due to a plot point in the movie, requiring an idiosyncrasy in his performance. Otto says they wanted as much diversity as possible, starting by basing designs on more traditional dragon looks and then stretching the idea as far as possible. Again, the new technology was essential in bringing a new level of complexity to those sequences. Each character, for example, has their own storyline within the sequence and there was a lot of whittling down and rethinking how to present those individual stories as it developed. Early reviews have been positive and the film was extremely well received at the Cannes Film Festival.
From the top-ranked hotels through to independent operators, there are a number of highly regarded experiences on offer.Demonstrations are led by skilled instructors as participants pick up closely guarded cookery secrets, appreciate Chinese heritage and come away with a skill that lasts a lifetime. Each paddler must stay in sync with the beat of the drum, one missed beat and the dragon drags behind.
One for adventure-seekers, this activity demands mental agility and co-operation to win the ‘treasure’ after a day trekking through the city.
Corporate groups can learn about the ancient philosophy behind this relaxing exercise and practice Tai Chi by the harbour for great views! On Victoria Harbour, corporate groups can embrace the pirate life with Caption Jim and his crew by exploring the below decks, hosting the sails, and – for those daring enough – even attempting a mast climb. Further revealed today was a new mechanic in which players can capture enemy keeps to unlock quests, customize the keeps, earn cash, and rebuild. How this affects interactions with other characters is greatly influenced by the player character's race, of which the player can choose from human, elf, dwarf, or qunari.
While still very similar to combat in previous games, Inquisition's battles "seem less dependent on length of health bar" and more on abilities and positioning.
Those things, as well as the bodies exploding from daggers and disproportionate weapons, were the only parts I particularly disliked about DA2's combat. They keep promising all these new features and judging by DA2 the promises might not hold true. I want to go hilt deep into my captured elf foe and spray the content of my phylactery within them. The only thing I'm worried about is that the story is going to solely focus on the Mage Templar war, and I find that extremely boring. The curled fingers were part of a statue that may have stood over 40 feet tall at the Temple of Hercules, in Amman, Jordan, around A.D. The town of Thamugadi was laid out on a grid-style plan and included a market (at center), ceremonial gates, more than a dozen bath complexes, a library, and a theater that could seat 3,500. Germans, like the chained men depicted on this pedestal found in Mainz, were prized for their strength and endurance. 300, this cavalry outpost on the edge of the desert is one of the world’s best preserved Roman forts.
Hungry soldiers made the frontier a magnet for merchants, who may have imported this glass, likely from Syria or Egypt. Today the remnants of Rome’s glory are a playground for local lad Angus Buchanan, eight.
Complete with 'eyes' and 'antennae', the building's quirky characteristics masks the fact that the elements of the exterior design serve real purposes. You can't help but notice a strong resemblance with the nearby skyscraper 'State Tower' home of the very famous Sky Bar (you know, the one in the movie 'The Hangover II'), with its typical round balconies and Roman columns.
Earning positive reviews from critics and audiences, the film earned nearly a half-billion dollars at the box office and put the question of a sequel front and center.
What he finds is both personal and epic, as he encounters the threat of dragon hunters in the service of Drago Bludvist, played by Djimon Hounsou, and a kindred spirit in his long-lost mother, Valka, played by Cate Blanchett. Valka had to be mysterious at first, having spent so many years living among dragons, but ultimately likeable when she revealed herself as a Dian Fossey-style protector of the creatures. Each one was grounded in some way with an animal and designed to be as instantly recognizable as possible. A day by the sea includes basic training but for those truly unstoppable teams, there’s also the famed Dragon Boat Festival and Carnival in June, where local, international and company sponsored teams compete in what is considered one of the most prestigious Dragon Boat racing tournaments.
According to Dragon Age: Inquisition's producer, the game uses more tactics to throw in a greater sense of leadership for the player. Three years will have passed when Inquisition launches since Dragon Age II's release, a title that was not as well-received by the general playing audience.
I love the dragon age universe but this game is starting to sound worse and worse from when they announced multiplayer. However, the last trailer I watched implied that what I've been hoping will happen does indeed happen: the Veil breaks, stuff gets real bad real fast.
With between 70 and 160 horsemen, the fort kept Arab nomads from attacking caravans carrying frankincense and myrrh.
Trier was a major city in the late Roman Empire, even serving as a regional capital under several emperors. If you think you’ve seen all that Bangkok has to offer then immerse yourself in the innumerable oddities that Bangkok throws up again and again with our list of the 10 Most Unusual Sights in Bangkok. But as this display is located inside the Faculty of Dentistry building at the medical university of Chulalongkorn, it also makes sense as an educational exhibit. For instance, the oversized 'bolts' and 'caterpillar wheels' act as sunshades and canopies. The buiding is now part of everyday Bangkok life as it is used as a support for a gigantic advertising banner. Let us hope that this won't result in time being taken from other areas, or simply meaning a different character model. Based on the DLC for Dragon Age II, I think the Dragon Age team learned their lessons from the criticism that game got. Unlike the old dusty and rather sinister forensic museum in Thonburi, the human body exhibition is as sterile as an operating theatre. A new management system gives the player control over running the keeps and overseeing trade. I got to meet some amazing people, hear some of the brightest minds speak, and see inside places that many NASA employees have never seen.

All costs associated with travel are up to the participants, but a flight or some gas and lodging are a small price to pay for a once in a lifetime experience.The Lead-UpI happened to see a link on BoingBoing about the NASA Social happening nearby at the end of April the day that registration closed.
I signed up and didn’t think much about it until I woke up one morning to find an email from the program saying that I was one of the 50 (out of apparently 1600+ registrants) who had been chosen to attend. As the launch date approached, though, the launch was pushed back a week, as SpaceX did more testing. After a quick introduction about the flight, she jumped straight to questions from the attendees. Among the topics she tackled were the timetable that SpaceX is looking at for sending manned missions up (testing starts in two years), how SpaceX has integrated their launch escape system into the capsules, and possible commercial launch sites.
Upon being asked about her advice to students, she advised them that even though the Shuttle program was done, they should stay interested in space.
Shotwell explained how, as a teenager, her mother (an artist) encouraged her to be an engineer and took her to an event where she saw a female engineer speak and fell in love with the field.
NASA is very invested in the success of the various commercial companies pursuing space travel, as it would mean that the U.S. As it stands now, our astronauts and supplies hitch a ride on the Russian Soyuz rockets (which you might know about from The Big Bang Theory).
The NASA agreement with Congress provides support for the ISS through 2020, and as research is provided, will look at extending the term, so the sooner that commercial companies can get up there, the better. In preparation for that, some bays in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) will be renovated to be available to commercial vendors, as well as the Launch Complex 36.
Scott Colloredo, Chief Architect for the NASA Ground Systems Development and Operations reiterated this commitment to working with commercial companies, adding that the retrofit of the VAB should be completed by 2014, as well as speaking of the Clean Pad concept that would make the launch pads as generic as possible so that anything can come in and launch from them with a minimal amount of adjustment. The crawlers that carried the shuttles between the VAB and the launch pads are also undergoing renovations to enable them to carry up to 18 million pounds (up from their current capacity of 12 million pounds). Morning speakers (from left): Ed Mango (picture courtesy NASA HQ on Flickr), Jose Nunez, Todd Arnold, Josh Byerly. Not pictured: Scott ColloredoCarrying the theme on to what happens once we get up to space, we heard from Jose Nunez, NASA mission project engineer, and Todd Arnold, newly appointed Deputy Director of Public Affairs about the work that the International Space Station is doing.
With the ISS having reached Assembly Complete by the end of the shuttle program, they are now in Full Utilization mode, which means a focus on research in the areas of human health, technology, physical sciences, national labs, and partnerships. Josh reiterated that the NASA public affairs team is busier than they’ve ever been in the post-Shuttle era, describing it as almost like studying for a test when they learn about new vehicles for commentating purposes.
With anticipated display beginning in the summer of 2013, Atlantis will be housed within a new structure at the KSC Visitor’s Complex, suspended at a 45° angle with the appearance that the shuttle is in orbit.
Stephanie Silson, NASA Flow Director within the Shuttle Transition and Retirement Directorate, showed us around the facility, answering our questions and explaining the process that is involved with decommissioning the last Space Shuttle.
Discovery was recently delivered to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum (to be displayed in a pristine museum state) and Endeavour will be delivered to the California Science Center later this year where it will be displayed in a launch ready setting. As we strolled around underneath Atlantis (WE STROLLED AROUND UNDERNEATH A SPACE SHUTTLE!!!!), we got the unique experience of seeing the space shuttle tiles that comprise the Thermal Protection System up close.
Each tile, specifically measured to its location (even down to the space in between tiles or lack thereof), had an individual serial number. The darker the tile, the newer, and the dark streaks on the shuttle are made by the angle of re-entry. While there, we had another special guest, former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman, who joined SpaceX as an astronaut safety and mission assurance consultant.
Formerly closed to the public, for a limited time, Kennedy Space Center guests who purchase the add-on Kennedy Up-Close Tour are able to tour the building. The largest single story building in the world, it stands at 526 feet tall with doors measuring 456 feet high and looking up into the rafters is an experience that can’t be described in words (but is well worth the extra $25 on your ticket). Even more awe-inspiring is the fact that this building, built in 1966, has withstood numerous hurricanes and has continued to be a useable building and will continue to be one in the future as the commercial space programs begin using it. Our last special guest of the day joined us for a quick talk: Lori Garver, NASA Deputy Administrator. While we waiting for NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana to come speak to us, we also had the opportunity to hear from Ryan Puri, a tenth grade student from California whose team experiment was selected through the SSEP program to go up in the Dragon capsule.
Ryan was a natural and easy spokesman for his team, deftly answering questions like he was an old pro at this. With half a second to go before liftoff and all nine engines already ignited, the computers detected high pressure in engine five and shut the engines down, aborting the liftoff.
The pressure was traced to a faulty check valve, which was replaced, and the rocket was given a go-ahead for a Tuesday attempt.
About 20 of the original 50 attendees were able to return, and the enthusiasm was still in the room as we gathered together again for the launch. As the countdown clock passed T-20 minutes, we headed out to the bleachers in anticipation. It felt like a launch day.As the countdown hit zero again, we saw that magnificent sight that we hoped to see only a few days before. I can’t even begin to describe the sight and sound of it, other than to say that it really did look and sound like a Dragon heading up there. Image credit: NASA TVThe TakeawaysAfter the aborted attempt on Saturday morning, the haters and cynics came out in droves, heralding this as a huge failure for SpaceX. Everytime we attempt it, we are attempting something that was thought impossible just over half a century ago. It became so common that we forgot just how difficult it is, just how many tiny factors have to line up exactly right for everything to happen perfectly. With half a second and all engines firing, the computer was able to bring everything to a standstill because something was off.
While the next 72 hours, as the Dragon capsule performs test maneuvers and attempts to dock with the International Space Station, are still critical to the mission’s overall success, a commercial company, for the first time, has launched a vehicle that intends to dock with the ISS. Growing up in the time when schools would stop their classes to turn on the TV and watch the Shuttle launches, I was sad to see the Shuttle program ending. But listening to every person we encountered makes me realize that my nephew will be seeing (and a part of) amazing things that I can’t even imagine now.
Seeing the Falcon 9 take the Dragon capsule into the air, lighting up the night sky like it was a sunrise, makes me realize that the post-Shuttle era is spectacular in its own way. Post Office, then expanded to government contracts with private companies, and has now evolved to a primarily private industry. By and large, the people we spoke to see that same trajectory happening for the space industry.The other theme that came up time and time again was the importance of keeping kids interested in space, in science, and in technology. From that front, it was supremely inspiring to see women like Gwynne Shotwell, Stephanie Stilson, and Lori Garver, excelling in male-dominated fields and providing an amazing example to young women out there that engineering and science fields are not just for boys hunched over computers or for a privileged few. They are for anyone who has a passion to learn new things every day and change the ways in which the world is seen. I have a really cute puppy (Elphaba) and a British husband (I keep him for his accent) as well as an unhealthy relationship with parentheses.
My husband had one in the UK when we first met, and when they announced it was coming out here (and would come in magenta), I knew I needed one. We went up to Jacksonville to see the European models when they were touring them around, getting input on what the US markets wanted in specs.
And she goes quite nicely with my husband’s charcoal gray Subaru Imprezza (also a hatchback).What were we talking about again? Thanks very much for reporting back on this.And I hear you about howA unbelievablyA impressive the Saturn 5 is. So glad you were able to stick around for the relaunch.(also, Storify is so useful for things like this.

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