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Easy product to apply, just as the directions say.No nasty surprises ,no big fuss, just a perfect seal ,and now I have a boat I can use without my rubber boots! I purchased an older aluminum boat that had a crack in the keel and a lot of leaking rivets. An excellent and economical boat leak repair that anybody can do at home without any problems.
This fusion bondage epoxy will repair and waterproof aluminum boat rivets, minor cracks and small holes without welding. Used a sanding disk on a cordless drill to grind off old paint then wiped with rubbing alcohol.

I've applied it to some rivets and seams about 2 years ago and they've held up well so far. Mine has fittings like this already welded in, and I just popped out a few dents by filling them with air when checking for leaks to repair.
I would definitely choose this over other boat sealing products I've come across at the hardware store. I haven't leak tested the boat on the water yet but it passed the leak test of putting water in the boat here in my yard. I'll leak test in in the water at a river soon and post the results of that, but overall it appears that this is a wonderful, easy to use product to repair leaks in Aluminum Boats.

We didn't get the dent all the way out because we didnt want to pull a hole in the pontoon.

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