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I had gone down the Baja California peninsula to the Gulf of California the year before and while I did go out quite a way, I was un-easy and made sure the Mexican fishermen could hear me on the VHF radio, just in case.  Also in ‘05, I had run more than 40 miles up Dworshak reservoir in Idaho – and had a situation that was my own silly fault. They were camped there in a tent, thought nothing of it and have done it for years – in a forest full of grizzly and black bears.  You couldn’t put me in that tent at night here at gunpoint !
Babine Lake was apparently the western hub for the early fur trade and the Hudson’s Bay Company established a trading post here in 1822.  Must’ve been an awful life. Here we go again – 354 pictures I took today and hafta cull out all but about 15 or so for this page.  Which 15 ??  HoooBoy ! They look pretty good but I was just wondering about pros and cons before going out and buying one.

Although i have a boat now i bought my kayak new for $400 at dicks and i can take it everywhere.
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Way more stable than a canoe yet often too wide to go in a lot a places a canoe will snake right through.
I kept it along with the boat because my parents wont let me use the boat alone so the kayak works when that comes up, and you can take it in those no petrol lakes. You can fold them up and stuff them in your trunk but it's a drag to take the time to assemble and inflate at the lake.

Because it's inflatable you have to stand up in the water and carefully drag or carry it on to shore where a canoe or kayak you can just beach and hop off without getting your shoes wet.

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