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When I painted mine I went with automotive type primers from an auto parts store and boat paint I got at the local boat supply store. Take care of your rivet issues by resetting them before painting you can pick up simple tools and rivets fairly cheap for this on EBay. My boat was already painted green from the factory and I used 'sandstone' 'brown' and the olive green from lowes to paint it with no complications at all. Since yours is bare aluminum may need to go different route as mentioned in previous posts. Crispy just sent me the link and I'm excited to think there are others out there with the same level of interest in Duck Hunting that I've had for the past 30 years. Check out Lock Stock and Barrels web site Lou Tisch gives you all the info you need for prepping your boat before painting. If you're talking about the rivets that hold the boat together, no you have to be able to get to both sides of a rivet.
Granted the "how to paint" section might piss some people off but hey, its another reference! I sanded down the whole boat, took off decals, cleaned with acetone, then isop something alchol. I must thank every one who posted up the info, it seems I may be painting my boat this summer as well it must be a WA thing.
It's not just a WA thing cause i am getting ready to paint my boat this summer to i like that base coat did ya'll noll it or spray ? As far as paint goes, Parker duckboat paint is a very durable, flat toned paint, that if applied correctly, will last a long time.

Before you even think about applying the paint, you want to make sure your prep work is in place first. Of course I got crazy and added neoprene camo carpet, camo seats, and even some red LED loghts under the platform and a Golight spotlight on the front. Anyway, I spent about a total of 50 hours renovating this skiff and less than $500 on the LED lights, carpet, paint, stensils, and camo seats and black bumpers.
The most expensive item was the GoLight which was another $200 and by the time I was done, I got rid of my old Suzuki engine and got a new Evinrude Etec. As for now in my head, the plan is to paint the boat a solid, lighter shade of olive green (or a darker tan) as a base, and hold up some cat-tails and reeds against the side while spray painting a darker color on top to give it some texture. I've replaced hundreds of rivets on boats and other things and it really isn't that difficult, but it usually takes 2 people.
I used a wagner electric power sprayer on mine, but I've heard that a foam roller will make a slick looking job as well, but may be hard to get into the tight cracks.
They have all kinds of patterns available that look real good up close, but what you want is something that is virtually invisible at a distance when set up.
After that, I would like to get some lighter colors and brushes to paint a foreground of reeds (with accent colors for more depth).
I quit trying to put patterns on a boat years ago, it's not worth the effort unless you just want to do it for fun. I've missed a lot, done the same years worth of early learning from my father over and over for 30 years but never really advancing much. If it's necessary to go out and by marine-specific products then we'd be more than happy to.

I used the hunter green (OD green) as a base, then used the Krylon camo paint for the camo outline breaking. What you need to do first is to clean any bare aluminum and cut any oxidation off of the surface.
I almost ordered one of the commercial camo kits for extending my camo until I was hunting and got 50 yards away from my boat and could barely make it out. Pick a dull color that matches the vegetation you normally hunt around and paint it one color. I think it's all about doing it right the first time, rather than fixing crappy work next February.
You can use sandpaper or a wire brush on a drill, but you want to scuff it up and basically make it good and shiny. We're hoping that it is something that can be done in a couple of long weekends over the summer.
If the boat already has paint on it, all you need to do is to lightly scuff the paint with some 120 grit sandpaper so that the paint will adhere to the existing paint.
The self etching primer has a built in acid etch that will grip itself to the aluminum and only has to be lightly sprayed on.

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