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Location: France - Bourbriac Tiny boat for canal cruising - any suggestions? The biggest problem though is the sealed locks which mean at times I'll have to drag the boat out of the water up a grassy 2-3m high bank, carry it round one or more locks, and then slide it back into the water down the same grassy bank.
Couple of other thoughts for propulsion would be punting (the canal's not that deep) and a single scull (I know I've seen a Vietnamese boat where you sculled facing forwards).
Location: Ohio Maybe stow your gear in one or more waterproof hard cases that are bolted to the deck -- extra security.
I might build one like this only shorter (this one is 15.5 feet long but 10-12 feet would be plenty long enough) and with a slightly taller cabin so sitting upright inside is pleasant when it's raining. Location: France - Bourbriac Wow, first of all can I just say thanks to everyone, I'm overwhelmed.
In fact that gave me an idea, I've recently finished building a tiny folding bike, so I think rather than a nose-wheel (sticking with the undercarriage analogy) I'd go for a plug in tow hitch (I saw one recently on a fishing boat) and then when it comes to the three chains of closed locks I can just pedal round. Location: SF bay Put rearview(frontview) mirrors on row boat OR get one of the 'swap boat' jointed rigs where the you row facing forward. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Large open living space, outdoor living with exterior gas fire pit, outdoor showers, electric heated floor in the sunroom with teak fireplace surround adding to the year round use of exterior space.
Architecture and landscape merge as exterior stairways and bridges provide connections to a network of paths leading to the beaches at each point. This once modest beach cottage was slowly transformed over the years into a grand estate on one of the North Shore's best beaches. Oh and if it's cheap and quick to build that's even better - this is a very specific boat to very specific requirements so whilst longevity is always good it's not the most important consideration. Hmm it's Brittany in autumn, if someone could invent a rainpower system it'd be more appropriate.

And of course there's always wind power, if I start at the Brest end and head for Nantes then the prevailing wind is behind me. The design also lends itself to putting a proper cabin on rather than makeshift covers of various sorts.
It looks funny but is actually has history and was used in a region of the Southeastern US. I love this one too, a boat with undercarriage, and even a winch (the thought hadn't even occured to me - and I even have a nice selection of scavenged bike bits too.
An enduring palette of local stone, salt-washed wood, and purple-green slate reflects the muted and changeable seaside hues.
I really don't mind a little 2.5hp trolling motor though especially as I've just been given two. If light plywood for the cabin covered by a single layer of fiberglass cloth, the boat shouldn't be too heavy. The Photo is an actual boat from an old movie (I don't remember the name and have since lost the original emal in one of my computer reloads).
I called the design Portagee after the character in Tom Clancy's Without Remorse and also because it seemed to fit!
I don't know that I'd need the whole fork I think just single sided axle off the brackets would work fine - it works for my bike trailer. This beach-side retreat offers ever-changing views from windows, terraces, decks, and pathways.Victorian garage for three or more cars in Boston. When you take the boat out, the pontoons get folded down and the bike wheels are automatically in place to roll it.
Similar to the Barrel boats, to hole can be drilled in one end so that the oars can be used as handles and a set of wheels installed on the other end should make the boat easily transportable for portaging around closed locks.
She is designed to be poled like the punts on the Cam at Cambridge University, or she could also be paddled, or you could put a sculling notch on the stern and scull her, she would need a skeg adding for this.

I would recommend the whole fork be used for the side wheels, as the boat and all of the gear could weigh in excess of 200 pounds and bike axles are not made for that kind of cantilever load.
You don't want to have to moor whenever the sky opened sunscreen-you will probably pay a great deal of time outside so make positive are well guarded. Here's some of the considerations I have to take into account:300+kms of inland waterway, mostly canalised river. If you arrange all this just right, you should be able to keep all your gear strapped in place on the boat, and only make one easy trip around for each portage. The greatest problem that we all have, including kayakers and canoers is having too much gear aboard which adds to the weight, especially for long distance cruising. I like the idea of the bike to tow it but you may have some difficulty in the steep bank situation as the bike connetion to the bow will be, most likeley, a universal joint, not just a horizontal joint as the front jockey wheel I showed in the sketch. Waterproofing-driver's positioning is quite open so if there is a shower you want to be kept. You might even be able to do this and still have enough solid (or stretched fabric) deck area for a little tent. Canal lovers not care much less if you received expensive brand has been able to identify your luggage. Personally I'd prefer the sleep aboard option as there's not always a place to camp by the canal, and in the event of rain it keeps me dry. Map of Canal-these special maps showing the location of locks so that you can plan your journey. It is just so relaxing chug down the boat channel slender and quietly watching the world go.

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