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Canoe- A term used by Columbus in 1493 for a narrow, light boat with it's sides meeting in a sharp edge at each end: it is moved by one or more paddles.
The information is impartial and is to be used as a guide to choosing the write canoe paddle for you to use or determine if it is a canoe paddle you require and not a kayak paddle.
Below are a few different paddles that we do showing different blade shapes and materials used.
This lightweight, laminated, basswood paddle features a urethane tip guard at one end and a hand-contoured grip at the other.
The recreational line is characterized by the multi-laminated designs of contrasting woods, and blades that remain constant in size throughout different lengths.
The Sagamore is more akin to a piece of fine furniture or a musical instrument rather than a utility paddle. This lightweight, laminated, basswood paddle features a urethane tip guard at one end and a hand-contoured grip at the other. Paddles for Canoeing are single-bladed suitable for use with Open and 'Canadian' (British terminology) Canoes.

On aluminium shafts a layer of rubber or plastic sleeving is usually provided to improve grip and comfort.
Wooden paddles look very attractive and are very popular and offer a range of blade shapes for all tastes. The blades come in variety of lengths and should be chosen to suit the person's height and activities. A short blade will allow a faster stroke rate for quick acceleration whereas a longer blade will provide a more relaxed paddling style. Stern paddlers and solo boaters need a slightly longer paddle to assist in controlling the direction of the canoe.
A general guideline for paddle sizing for a bow person is a paddle that measures from the floor up to the middle of their chest.
Also because of their design, they tend to have a stiffer flex than our traditional models. An ergonomically designed shaft and 8" beaver tail blade shape combine for easy paddling.

Canoe paddle sizing is generally based on a paddlers torso length and which position he or she is paddling from. Stern and solo paddlers will find a paddle that stands up to their collarbone are generally a better fit. At the bottom of the scale are those made from ABS plastic on a Alloy Shaft through to a quality range of laminated woods. Shorter and wider than the traditional paddles, this line offers the widest range of canoeing applications.

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