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It has the capacity to carry 4 people and comfortably fishes 2-3 people with the large front casting platform. The low gunwales make the 14.5 Cat an excellent boat for fishermen that like to travel to a destination, then get out and wade.
It is made from durable, 1000 denier three-ply PVC coated fabric with radio frequency (RF) welded seams that makes it tough.

With a unique catamaran design that improves its stability and agility, this one-person capacity boat is a joy to ride.
It also comes with an integrated, water-resistant storage bag, which keeps your gear from getting wet. It is also equipped with two high-pressure chambers and a rigid transom for the trolling motor, so speed and distance are not a problem.

The Solstice Outcat Fishing Catamaran Boat is a good companion for the weekend fishing enthusiast.

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