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CE high speed inflatable catamaran boat with pvc, View inflatable boat, HH Product Details from Qingdao Honghai Boat Co., Ltd.
From inside the cool aerodynamic design bubble frontal, passengers get an enclosed  panoramic view shielded from sea spray and wind. On the face of it, this conventional catamaran with unconventional looks, seems to offer much fun and entertainment to be had by all, but at  approximately 200kUS$, is it merely an expensive novelty ?
Say, who's up for a seriously cool holiday getaway, currently on offer somewhere in the vicinity of the British Virgin Islands.

The music track from about 20 seconds into the video is abstracted from one of Vivaldi's Four Seasons that's been over dubbed with a drumming track. Nevertheless is a showcase of ideas, inventions and creative inventiveness of individuals, groups and companies, concerns for things green that can help change a polluted and climate disrupted world. High speed inflatable racing boat catamaran, View racing boat catamaran, HORUS BOAT Product Details from Qingdao Haorun Yacht Co., Ltd. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

The Parite Ellips has a twin hull design  of aluminum and magnesium alloy construction, 9m long by 4m wide or 28 by 12 feet. Also of interest is the harm that human penetration and exploitation is doing to the world around us especially habitat destruction and species extinction.

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