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Offshore 300 Equipment with 75 gallon fuel tank, hydraulic steering, electric.
Patti the order person went "overboard" in making sure that everything went fine and that I was pleased. The major difference is not in function since the 19' deluxe is just as great with performance as any other name brand model. The 19' center console is contoured on all sides with smooth corners and higher gunnel and higher free board.

There is more standard sizes in under deck storage where other builders charge for this custom feature. The deluxe model you see below is the same as the one you order with the exception is we offer custom hull color selection at no extra cost. Non skid deck, added flotation, no wood used in construction other than the transom is standard. And if you want synthetic transom material we can do that to for just the cost of the material.

Unlike other builders these hulls are made one at a time not by production where genreqally cost are a factor that normally means thin gel cost, minimum fiberglass layers and little if any putty filled strakes and chines.
Buy your next 19' center console at the most affordable price in the industry and customize to your tatse.

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