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Captain Craig Hanson has a lifetime of experience fishing the Bay Area waters, and will make your trip a fun and memorable one.
All rods, tackle, and bait are provided, and fish cleaning and bagging are included in your excursion. Our sturgeon fishing guests swear that the Fraser river white sturgeon are by far and away the most exciting freshwater sport fish to be found.
Sturgeon fishing is similar to most fishing – you have to be patient and wait for the sturgeon to make its move. For your best bet, (we believe there is absolutely nothing like it on the continent), we recommend the sturgeon trip as the most memorable fishing adventure you’ll ever take.
If you would like more information about booking a Sturgeon Fishing Charter, please visit our Contact Form and let us know by clicking here. What are you looking most forward to doing in San Francisco during American Income Life Convention 2014?
The bay area provides visitors with an abundance of great fish including Striped Bass, Halibut, Great White Sturgeon, Leopard Shark, Soupfin Shark, Sevengill Shark, Sand Shark, King Salmon, Lingcod, Rockcod, and more! November 12, 2015 By Bill    We are now booking for sturgeon fishing trips in Portland Oregon on the Willamette River through next weekend!! Join us for an unforgettable day (or half day) of fishing the Golden Gate on the beautiful Argo, departing from Fisherman’s Wharf. Whether fishing the San Francisco Bay for halibut, striped bass, or sharks, or running out the Golden Gate for salmon and rockfish, our goal is to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience. In honor of those who have served our country, we offer discounts for US military veterans, active duty military, National Guard, and Reserve.

Every year our guests enjoy the pleasure and excitement of tangling with these abundant and notorious Fraser river inhabitants. The acquired sturgeon addiction will attest to the sturgeon’s sporting credentials (and perhaps the tenacity of our guests!!). Reaching weights exceeding 1000 pounds, our white sturgeon inhabit the murky waters of the mighty Fraser and some of the Fraser’s major tributaries. In doing so, Capt Alex has used this knowledge to adjust fishing techniques to the current every changing conditions. The boat’s lead fisherman, Captain Steve, will take groups of up to six people at a time out on the ocean. Bill has devoted his passion for fishing to putting anglers of all experience levels on the fish. The roomy and comfortable 33-foot Argo takes a maximum of six passengers, so you get lots of attention, and plenty of space! Let a chartered fishing boat take you and fellow Agents out on the ocean into the home of numerous sporting fish and animals. Whether adventure-goers are experienced at fishing or are looking to try something new, the charter is designed for everyone to have an awesome trip.
It has been said he enjoys watching people on his boat catch fish as much is he likes catching them himself. The Snake River Hells Canyon fishery is a Catch-And-Release fishery with excellent populations of big fish for the sport fishing challenge.
In those years he has kept a detailed log of every fish caught as well as all pertinent information of the catch.

Alex also networks with the other Captains in Sturgeon Bay to make sure his boat is always over the fish. FLASH Sport Fishing Charter is based out of Fisherman’s Wharf and features a 32-foot Wegley boat*.
Bill is very friendly and a likable character who enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors with his family. By constantly networking with other guides and staying up to date with the latest fishing trends, Bill is one of the top professional guides of the Pacific Northwest. However, our largest sturgeon was just shy of 900 pounds and measured 11 foot 3 inches from tip to the fork of the tail!
You will appreciate his cleanliness and close attention to detail while aboard his beautiful 24 foot custom North River fishing boat. That is the excitement and mystery of sturgeon fishing; you just never know what is prowling around underneath your boat! Along with his boat, Bill uses only top quality equipment and the best bait & tackle money can buy.

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