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With 4 full time captains and mates that earn their living by putting you on fish we are most successful canyon fishing team on the planet.
The queen of our fleet is our 2009 60' Ritchie Howell that cruises at 32 knots through anything. A Canyon Runner charter boat has been running to the edge for the past 34 years - Captain Dulanie for the past 46 years and Capt. There seem to be plenty of new charter boats arriving on the scene that aren't real professional crews but just weekend warriors trying to have you pay some of their bills so they can go fishing for free.
Come join us in the birthplace of our 60' Ritchie Howell and enjoy flat-out the best bluefin and yellowfin trolling & jigging bite the East Coast has to offer. For the fishing enthusiast, the United States offers a huge range of fishing boat vacations – from oceans to big lakes to rivers, America is an amazing place to fish.
If you are looking to buy an new boat or barely used boat you will do well by going to one of the several fishing boat dealers there are. Boat insurance will protect you against losses incurred while operating your boat, and while transporting your boat. Seasprite II is a top fishing boat with one of the largest fishing platforms of all the charter vessels in Auckland. From its base in Auckland, Seasprite II is available for fishing and diving charters throughout the Waitemata Harbour and Hauraki Gulf, and beyond.

Seasprite II is used for Reels on Wheels fishing trips, being one of only two vessels featured on the Reels on Wheels website.
There are a variety of fishing boat dealers that deal new boats, used boats or a nice selection of both new and used boats.
It is vitally important that you be responsible and get fishing boat insurance to protect it. There are always great resources of suppliers for used boats, tackle, boating equipment and trailers to haul them on.
Built in Perth to fish the rugged West Coast of Australia, she made the voyage from Fremantle to Auckland in 2007, making her way through 14 metre swells and 70 knot winds in the Bass Strait.
She is also available for corporate functions, private parties, sightseeing cruises, towing, salvage and many other applications. The Reels on Wheels Charitable Trust uses only NZ surveyed charter vessels with qualified skippers, working under Maritime New Zealand rules for charter vessels. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations.
Fishing boat dealers are able to get you deals on the boat of your dreams and help you find financing options so you are able to afford your boat.
Let me tell you, after I got my fishing boat, getting insurance was the first thing I did before anything else.

All that you need to fish to your heart’s content is waiting for you at a used fishing boat sale. It is a known fact that when you are out on the water, an accident will occur when you least expect it to. Often times these sales are seasonal, meaning that in certain times of the year they are prolific in and about your general area. Keep in mind that if an accident happens, and you do not have fishing boat insurance, it is likely that you will incur a lot of debt. To understand the ways of means of finding that used fishing boat is akin to knowing the ways and means of finding that elusive bass. Boat insurance will give you better and broader liability protection than any home insurance policy.

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