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Information about renting a boat in the Florida Keys – boat sizes, rates and what is included.
Find a rental boat in the Florida Keys with our extensive listing of rental comanies featuring boats from Key Largo to Key West and Islamorada. Our list of rental boats available in the Florida Keys for daily, multi-day and weekly rentals for FL Keys water fun. Bareboat and Crewed Sailing Catamaran Charters in the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, bvi, Grenadines, Miami, Keywest, Long Beach, belize, st. Ultimate Watersports located in Baltimore, Maryland, provides Kayaking, Sailing and Windsurfing lessons, tours and rentals. Share ThisPlease note: After your purchase is confirmed you will receive a complete tour itinerary with check-in time, location and what to bring.
If the activity must be cancelled due to bad weather, and you cannot go on another day, you will be issued a full refund.What style of bike do you offer for the tour?
See the list below for descriptions on a wide array of places to visit and experience during your visit to the Central Texas area. These South Florida sail boat rentals are available for 4 hours as well as one day or Charter a bareboat catamaran, monohull sailboat or power boat and sail BVI! She's fast if you want her to be, or just Catamaran Sailing Lesson or Boat Rental in Biscayne Bay in Miami. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Please give us a call for more information on any place you in which you would like to know more.
Lagoon 440 catamaran Sailboat charter in Bahamas for Exumas Nassau Georgetown Bahamas sailboat rental + catamaran rental (as bareboat, all-inclusive or crewed) Lots new in the Bahamas for Boat Rentals. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). More Watercraft Rentals Charters > Miami Yacht Catamaran boat rental service for your own boat trips in the Algarve at the very heart of the Ria Formosa Nature Park (departures from the city of Faro).
Or, if you travel with a mobile device, simply show your Photo ID and present your voucher on your Smartphone or tablet on the day of travel.Local Operator InformationComplete operator information, including local telephone number, will be included on your Confirmation Voucher. Started in Austin in 1984 as PC's Limited by Michael Dell, the company has grown into one of the largest publicly-traded companies in the world and a leader in the personal computer and computer services industry. Children and infants are more prone to attract hitchhikers (see above) and less likely to know how to deal with it, so to play it safe, we suggest expectant mothers or anyone with kids go with one of the other ghost tours in town.  The decision is ultimately up to the parent. The company employs almost 90,000 people worldwide, with over 14,000 local employees.Dell Diamond 3400 E. Join the fun any night, with departure from downtown Key WestDescriptionKey West boasts a long and intense history packed into a small area.
We pride ourselves on provding a damn good experience and we know the dead better than anyone.
Home of the Triple AAA Pacific Coast League Minor League, Round Rock Express baseball team. For millennia, the machinations, magic, and misery of human adventure, triumph, and tragedy have swirled and clung in the confined space of this tiny island, making eerie events and strange characters simply part and parcel of the Key West experience. When it comes to the living, there are a lot of variables at play,  so if by any chance you don't have a good time, come to us first and give us a chance to make it better.
Enjoy Americas favorite national pasttime in an affordable, exciting, fun, family-friendly atmosphere in a modern, top-of-the-line stadium located in Eastern Round Rock.Historic Chisolm Trail and Round Rock - In 1851 a small community was formed on the banks of Brushy Creek, near a large round rock located in the middle of the creek.
Weird things happen here - just search “Robert the Doll” on YouTube to see one of the more prominent examples. If the creepy tale of local painter Robert Eugene Otto and the cursed doll that was his lifetime companion raises the hairs on the back of your neck, you may have what it takes to hunt up a personal encounter with one of the island’s many renowned apparitions.The original explorer of Key West’s paranormal dimension, David L.
The first postmaster called the community Brushy Creek, but in 1854 the small settlement was renamed Round Rock in honor of this now famous rock.
90 MINUTE TOUR, plus optional visit to a haunted bar to review hunt photos and a collection of haunted objects.Is it strenuous? Said to be one of the most haunted places in America, Key West features 4 ghostly citizens for every living person. After the Civil War, Jesse Chisholm began to move cattle from South Texas through Round Rock, on the way to Abilene, Kansas.
Theories about the cause of high levels of other-worldly activity on the island include the action of ghost-trapping effects caused by the limestone bedrock of the island or some property of the waters surrounding it. The route he established, which crossed Brushy Creek at the round rock became known as the Chisholm Trail.
While these are both highly speculative ideas, there are some factual aspects of Key West history that can readily explain the thickly-haunted nature of the place.For one thing, Key West really is built on an ancient Native American burial ground. The original name given to the island by early Spanish explorers was Cayo Hueso, literally “Bone Island” or “Bone Cay”. Whether cemetery or battlefield, the island was reported to be strewn with human bones, possibly from the Calusa people whose ancestors had lived in what is now Southeast Florida for thousands of years. Grimes were both mortally wounded during a shootout that is re-enacted each year as part of the Frontier Days Celebration in July, have been preserved and remodeled and now house fine dining restaurants, art galleries, offices, etc.Old Settlers Park 2800 E.
Later, as the European presence in the Keys grew, the waters around Key West began to claim lives as hurricanes and the many shallow reefs and sandbars exacted their toll on shipping.
We usually finish up inside the old parsonage of one of the most haunted buildings in Key West. Palm Valley Blvd., Round Rock, Texas 78664 Huge 570 acre sportsplex complete with 3 miles of walking-jogging trails, 20 baseball fields, 5 softball fields, 12 tennis courts, 7 soccer fields, 2 volleyball courts, professionally designed disc-golf course, 7 playgrounds, picnic areas with BBQ grills, aquatic center, and a lake with paddleboat rentals and designated fishing areas. The ongoing stream of shallow-water shipwrecks attracted salvagers and scavengers, and profits from wrecking, an industry founded in human tragedy, were a major component of Key West’s economy until the end of the 19th century.Piracy bloodied the local waters with mayhem and murder for a good portion of Key West’s history, but the slavers of the British Triangle Trade were even more efficient ghost-generators than the pirates. This buidling is not accessible to the general public and is exclusive to our tour, but is occasionally not accessible due to constuction related safety issues. This safe, family-friendly park further enhances Round Rocks reputation as the Sports Capital of the World.Premium Outlet Mall 4401 N. The local segments of that global slave trade route saw countless victims of the cruel voyage tossed over the rail dead or sent to the bottom in chains, trapped in slave ships sunk by the difficult weather of the Florida Straits.
In the final years of the slave trade, many kidnapped Africans were rescued from ships and brought to Key West, and almost 300 are still here, buried in the African Cemetery at Higgs Beach. We stand on the spot of an early murder, take you to the site of a spirit portal and access a private garden.
More than 50 top stores and restaurants, all conveniently located to your home or office at La Frontera.
The effects of slavery in the Caribbean shaped Key West’s human past, and 400 years of Afro-Caribbean magic and mysticism, Santeria and voodoo, also left marks on the places and people of the island.
There are other locations where we try to lure the ghosts outside with trigger objects.Is your tour the best?Key West has more than half a dozen ghost tours. Throughout more recent history, hurricanes, epidemics, and a general atmosphere of risk-taking and rowdiness have kept the island’s dark side well-populated with restless spirits.In short, Key West and its environs have been gathering ghosts for a long time.

Don’t miss your chance to encounter some of this ghostly history in person on a walking tour of locations like the Key West Firehouse Museum, where the shade of a young Bahamian girl plays in the engine room at night and follows visitors on their tours among the artifacts. Our tour was started by the guy who introduced ghost tours to Key West, wrote Haunted Key West & Ghosts of Key West and consults with the big televison productions and media when they come to town on a ghost mission. We're the only tour to provide the ghost hunting equipment you see on TV to all of our guests. Paul’s Church, visit Club Chameleon, a former church and theater haunted by playful children’s spirits, stop at The Old Town Manor, where a doctor’s ghost keeps his otherworldly practice, and see The Artist House, where Robert Otto lived with Robert The Doll.Many visitors experience strange phenomena while visiting the haunted side of the city, but even hardened sceptics will enjoy the little-known history of the island that is presented on the tour. Lastly, we're the only tour that gives you access to a haunted location you can't get into on your own. Contour farming, planting cover crops, building stock tanks, rotating crops and planting new seed varieties reduced wind and water erosion and kept the soil intact during periods of drought. Your tour also includes a free Ghost Hunt Society membership and exclusive access to a collection of haunted artifacts. You can take the trolley ghost tour, but it costs about $35 and is more of a theatrical tour. We walk less than 4 blocks, but they are 4 of the most haunted blocks in Key West.What kind of ghost hunting equipment do you use?Everybody on the tour gets either a K-II EMF Detector, an IR Laser Temperature Gun or a spirit dowsing rod to use during the tour.
The guide also brings along trigger objects, EM Pumps, SB-7 Spirit Box, Pendulum Board, and other equipment we test from time to time.
The mission of the Pflugerville Pfarmer's Market is to bring fresh, locally grown and prepared foods to the Pflugerville community.Vendors sell locally grown produce including tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, squash, okra, garlic, melons, peaches and grapes, artisan baked goods,honey, flowers,eggs, free-range meats, jarred salsas, pickles and jams,fruits and plants. We encourage guests to download Ghost Radar or the M2 Ghost Hunter app on their phone to track spirits during the tour.Do I have to believe in ghosts?We welcome skeptics and believers. Our tours mix in enough history with the hauntings to keep anyone entertained.Is the tour wheelchair accessible?To a degree. 90% of the tour is accessible by wheelchair, however the final stop is on a second floor accessible only by staircase. IH-35, Georgetown, Texas 78628 - Hidden for 10,000 years, this fascinating underground discovery in 1963 is one of the best preserved caves in Texas and one of the few places where remains of prehistoric animals were unearthed. Our guides will do everything possible to accomodate guests in wheelchairs.Will we see a ghost?No one can guarantee a ghost sighting, but we do actively engage the spirits and sightings are common. Explore this limestone cavern and discover beautiful examples of natures perfect artwork such as The Flowing Stone of Time, the mysterious Lake of the Moon and the intricate Soda Straw Balcony. Among the amazing variety of formations found within the cavern you will see beautiful helictites, ancient flowstones, and giant columns.
We have group sightings several times a month.What kind of things do people experience?We've had people get bloody noses, break down crying for no apparent reason and get kicked, scratched or grabbed - but those are very rare occurences. More often we feel cold chills, get very low readings on our gauges, smell a strong perfume pass through the group, capture photos of strange objects or see a figure pass somewhere we know is vacant. Draining of electronics is common, and we've had spirits take over cell phones briefly to show photos or speak through siri. With the assistance of the Texas Historical Commission and the dedication of preservation-minded county citizens and officials, the fifth courthouse of Williamson County has been returned to its original 1911 splendor, once again becoming a focal point of the county. No one has ever been injured by a ghost on our tour.What's the deal with hitchhikers?One possibility when we actively engage the spirits is one of them will latch on to you and try to follow you home. The architecture of the downtown square buildings surrounding the old courthouse have been restored to its period beauty. As you walk aroundthe town square, you can view the beautiful gingerbread features that takes us back to yesteryear.San Gabriel Park 445 E. We have a cleansing process at the end of the tour to make sure this doesn't happen, so be sure to tell your guide if you need to leave early so they can give you instructions.Where can I park?We don't suggest bringing a car into Old Town. Morrow St., Georgetown, Texas 78628 - Meandering right through the very heart of Georgetown is the San Gabriel River.
San Gabriel Park is graced with Pecan trees and 200 year-old oak trees that offer the shade of their branches to family picnics, games of touch football or Frisbee, concerts, festivals, canoeing, swimming and fishing.
He curates the largest collection of haunted items in South Florida & every ghost tour in Key West today is based on Sloan's research. For those with a little more energetic spirit, theres a new wooded 1-mile hike and bike trail that wanders along the North Fork of the San Gabriel River from San Gabriel Park to the new Rivery Park west of I-35.
He is also known as The Godfather of Key Lime Pie and holds a world record for the world's largest Key lime pie, but ghosts are his main passion.
Resembling Bourbon Street in New Orleans, this older section of Sixth Street offers rows of shot bars, piano bars, biker bars, pubs, dance clubs, tattoo parlors, art galleries, and restaurants on both sides of the street in downtown Austin. Great live music of every type from well-known performers and up and coming bands alike, along with a very lively atmosphere make visiting downtown Austin a unique experience and keep . Popular events like the Austin Mardi Gras celebration, SXSW (South By Southwest Music Festival), ROT Rally (The Republic of Texas Bikers Rally), the Old Pecan Street Festival and Sixth's Street infamous Halloween celebration all make for great times with great people. With a wide range of newer, hip, chic restaurants, and more upscale clubs with rooftop decks and outdoor seating, West Sixth Street provides for a little more relaxed, yet still lively nightclub atmosphere.Esthers Follies on 6th Street - 525 E.
6th St., Austin, Texas 78701 Esther's Follies began as a by-product of a pool parlor, called Esther's Pool, on East Sixth Street April Fool's Day, 1977. For more than a quarter-century, the folks at Esthers Pool have kept Austin rolling with laughter.
Part magic show, part vaudeville review, part satire tour-de-force, Esthers Follies takes no prisoners, offering biting, hilarious satire on all the newsmakers and events fit to parody.
The stage's huge windows look out over Sixth Street, so passersby unwittingly become part of the show. Go Thursday through Saturday, or book the theatre for a private party.Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Ritz - 320 E. 6th St., Austin, Texas 78701 Although there are numerous locations now, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is an innovative Austin original and still Austins only independently owned and operated movie theater, offering a unique setting for dinner and a movie all in one. Located on Sixth Street in the newly remodeled former Ritz Theater, The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown offers two theaters seating 75, and 175 and is a hip combination of restaurant, bar, movie theatre, and events venue. Movies include first-runs, as well as classics, and the dinner is chef-prepared and the drinks are reasonably priced. Also check out the Rolling Roadshow (giant inflatable screen that goes on the road throughout the U.S.
It is a pretty cool concept and has created quite a huge following.Warehouse District - Downtown area bordered by Cesar Chavez St.
A bit trendier and certainly more pricey, it caters to a slightly older crowd than the other downtown entertainment areas. True to its name, the formerly old, abandoned warehouses throughout this downtown section of Austin have been renovated into concert halls, high-end retail stores, art galleries, salons, trendy steakhouses, seafood eateries, and other chic restaurants and bars such as Qua (a dance club with a live shark tank under the see-through dance floor) and Cedar Street Bar (with outdoor patios and courtyards for live music, dancing and dining).
In the 1970s, Stubbs Restaurant became the heart of an explosive music scene and was ground zero for musicians like Joe Ely and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Other musicians who would play for their supper in those days included Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Robert Cray, George Thorogood, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Linda Ronstadt, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. The Lubbock location closed years ago, but the legend continues in Austin with great Texas Bar-B-Que, ice cold beer, and an indoor and outdoor concert venue featuring some of the most popular bands in music today.

The 30-acre garden is free and open to the public most days year-round and is enjoyed by over 400,000 visitors each year, including thousands of school children from Austin and the surrounding communities. Theme gardens such as rose, herb and Japanese garden are interconnected with streams, waterfalls and Koi-filled ponds. Three acres in size, Barton Springs Pool is fed from under ground springs and is on average 68 degrees year round. Over the years, Barton Springs Pool has drawn people from all walks of life, from legislators who have concocted state laws there to free-spirited topless sunbathers who turned heads in the seventies. Even Robert Redford learned to swim at the pool when he was five years old while visiting his mother's relative in Austin.
The pool began as a swimming hole in the Colorado River, became a resort in the 1920s, and is today a popular swimming pool operated by the City of Austin.Elizabet Ney Museum - 304 E. In this studio, Ney sculpted the great men of frontier Texas, among them, life-sized figures of Stephen F. Ney also assembled in this studio her earlier sculptures of European notables, among them, King Ludwig II of Bavaria, King George V of Hanover, Otto von Bismarck, Giuseppi Garibaldi, Justus von Liebig, Arthur Schopenhauer and Jacob Grimm, all cherished portraits Ney rendered from life as a as a young artist. By the turn of the century, Elisabet Ney's Hyde Park studio had become a gathering place for influential Texans drawn to the colorful character of "Miss Ney" and to the stimulating discussions of politics and ideas that took place there. Inspired by Ney's "revolutionary" idea that art and beauty have been and can be powerful forces in the shaping of a nation as well as in individuals, these early Texans went on to found the University of Texas Art Department, the Texas Commission on the Arts, the Texas Fine Arts Association and museums and art schools throughout the state. See the rainwater harvesting system, meditate on the beauty of a Hill Country stream, visit Wild Ideas: The Store, and dine at the Wildflower Caf.
Dont forget your walking shoes so you can take a short hike on one of four trails, and be sure to bring your camera to photograph the award-winning architecture and beautiful blooming displays. Weekend activities include workshops and lectures on everything from gardening with natural plants to nature photography.
Few locals realize it is only a short drive of 13 miles from the capitol building, making it one of Austin's best kept secrets.Wildlife to be observed and photographed includes white-tailed deer, raccoons, armadillos, squirrels, and numerous birds.
Capital Of Texas Hwy., Austin, Texas 78746 - Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve was founded in 1974 to protect 227 acres of Texas Hill Country. Come and enjoy over 3 miles of hiking trails through woodland, grassland, and streamside habitats.
Wild Basin also hosts a variety of family events, concerts, adult workshops, children's and school programs.
Wild Basin's nature education programs are funded by special events, memberships, corporate donations and grants.
Trail maps are available at the Environmental Education Center or at kiosks at either trailhead. A Segway Tour is an exciting and unique approach to viewing historical landmarks, local businesses, and captivating attractions. Informative guides will lead you on an intriguing journey full of facts and entertainment through downtown Austin to the Texas State Capital.Lone Star Riverboat Cruises - Located on Lady Bird Lake (formally Town Lake) in downtown Austin, Texas. Experience the exhilaration of the outdoors, the abundant waterfowl, our ever changing city skyline and the natural beauty that is Austin.
Hewanted to share that beauty with the town he loved,so he openeda canoe rental business on the banks of the creek, just downstream from Barton Springs.
He and his wife, Dorothy,and their four-year-old daughter rented out theirnine canoes on weekends while Howard worked for the Texas Park and Wildlife Department. Together they built the business to the environmentally friendly and family oriented establishment that it is today. With over100 canoes and kayaks and reasonable prices, Zilker Park Boat Rentals is the perfect place to bring friends and family to enjoy a relaxing outing on the water. But if you're looking for a pleasant, mostly flat, walk, jog, or bike ride with several excellent views of downtown Austin and Lady Bird Lake, then the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail may fit the bill for you.The Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge - (formerly known simply as the Congress Avenue Bridge) crosses over Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. The bridge was known as the Congress Avenue Bridge from the construction of the first span across the Colorado River at that location in the late 19th century until November 16, 2006, when the Austin City Council renamed the current bridge in honor of the late Ann W.
The bridge is a concrete arch bridge, with three southbound and three northbound vehicle lanes and sidewalks on both sides of the bridge.
The bridge is currently home to the world's largest urban Mexican Free-Tailed Bat colony and hosts large crowds of Austinites gathered for bat watching at sunset throughout the Spring and Summer months.Long Center for the Performing Arts - 701 W.
Palmer (Municipal) Auditorium, built in 1959 on the shores of Town Lake, was recently renovated into a multi-venue community performing arts center. It is one of Austin's most vibrant and innovative arts organizations and Central Texas' oldest professional theatre.The Broken Spoke - 3201 S.
Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas 78704 - Texas' most definitive legendary dance hall built in 1964. If you're ever in Austin, stop by for an ice-cold Lone Star longneck and some traditional country music by some "real" country musicians.The Spoke has some of Austin's very best local talent such as Alvin Crow, Asleep at the Wheel, Gary P. Nunn, Sam and Son, better known as The Geezinslaw Brothers, Jerry Jeff Walker, The Derailers, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Chris Wall, and Dale Watson just to name a few. Some of the old time country music legends that have played The Spoke include Ernest Tubb, Roy Acuff, Hank Thompson, Tex Ritter, Ray Price, Kitty Wells, Grandpa Jones, Willie Nelson and George Strait. While most of these stars are no longer around, Willie still stops in for chicken fried steak.
When it was completed in 1888, it was claimed to be the seventh largest building in the world. Some 1,000 men (mostly convicts) worked every day for four years at the height of the project. It cost $3,744, 600 to build and was funded funded through an article in the state constitution, adopted February 15, 1876, which authorized the sale of public lands for the purpose. In one of the largest barter transactions in recorded history, the builders of the capitol were paid with over three-million acres of public land in the Texas panhandle. This tract later became the largest cattle ranch in the world, the XIT Ranch, covering ten counties (The XIT brand stands for 10 in Texas). The building has been renovated many times, with central air conditioning installed in 1955 and the most recent refurbishments completed in 1997.
It was built in 1854, designed by prominent architect Abner Cook in Greek Revival style, and has been the home of every Texas governor since 1856. The mansion is the oldest continuously inhabited house in Texas and fourth oldest governor's mansion in the United States that has been continuously occupied by a chief executive.
It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1970, and further was declared a U.S. On June 8, 2008, while midway through a major renovation, the mansion was heavily damaged by a four-alarm fire believed to be arson.

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