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Classic wooden boat plans is a growing collection of established plans that are ready to be printed and then laid out for full size building.
Although these are simple full size patterns we suggest some prior knowledge of boat-building as we are not here to instruct or discuss various building methods. The largest sheet size is 3 foot wide, the length is not an issue as the printers use rolls to feed their machines and not sheets.No lofting required ( getting the full size shape onto timber at full scale) All this is done  and plans are  full size  PDF’s, easily readable and printed at all large print shops. Although we have designed vessels for builders we generally avoid this work and concentrate on transferring existing paper plans into usable prints.
This iconic racing boat was originally designed by George Crouch in 1924 and went on to win the 1924 and 1925 APBA Gold Cup.
It has been said that the 16 foot Gar Wood speedster is, pound for pound, the most valuable classic production speed boat in the world.

There are some 15 frames, 2 keels, twin hatch assembly, vertical cleats, gas tank fixing, drivers bench seat, breast hook, front and rear stems with knees etc.
It’s difficult to imagine the funds, patience and creativity to pull off a custom build like this! Unlike other plans, you have a permanent copy of your plans and can reprint at any time, use 1 set for building and another for checking. We do not supply cut files unless specified on the plan page, please do not requests these as we will no longer be replying t o these emails or requests for modifications. Please ensure you choose any plan for purchase carefully depending on your level of experience and abilities as once you have received the plans no refund is possible. We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle.

Weren't your days atomic number 85 the lake on a faineant red-hot summer daylight about of your pet childhood memories? Classic Wooden Boat Plans Classic wooden boat plans is a growing collection of established plans that are ready to be printed and then laid out for full size building. For those of you that are vitamin AClassic Boats for Sale Antique classic wooden boats for sale .
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