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HOUSE FOUNDATION, FLOOR SLAB,  SIDEWALKS AND BROOM FINISH CONCRETE DRIVEWAY IN MARTINS POINT. HOUSE FOUNDATION, FLOOR SLAB, SIDEWALKS AND BROOM FINISH COLOR BORDER DRIVEWAY WITH DIAMOND SAW CUT DESIGN IN MARTINS POINT . Our barges can carry EWP'S+ mobile cranes for bridge work and are suitable for drilling rigs, 2t to 40t. From domestic skid ramps,boat-shed slabs to public boat ramps with precast panels, we can sheet pile & de-water to carry out your project to the highest standard. Our barges can be dismantled and transported anywhere for fireworks displays, drilling , dredging, piling, difficult sites are our speciality.
We can provide divers and crane barges for vessel salvages and also construction divers for pile cutting, underwater construction.
Years of experience allow HWB to construct your slipway and supply and fit your cradle and winch making launching and retrieving your vessel as easy as possible. We can supply, install and maintain your floating marina or pontoon system to the manufacturer's specification. Boat shed excavations, we can deliver excavators up to 2t to 35t to site via barge, also removal of excavated material by barge, delivery of construction materials, seawall construction, rock placement. Images 1 & 2 - Port of Echuca Revitalisation Project, Wharf and Boardwalk upgrade for Shire of Campaspe Council.

Our skilled tradesmen can construct your jetty or deck or carry out maintenance on your existing facility.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. This ramp design uses precast unreinforced pavers over a crushed stone bed that gradually slopes to the waterline and pavers on a pressure-treated wooden tray that runs into the water.
The town plans to install a new concrete boat launch ramp at the Greenwich Point Marina, and a boater hopes it avoids the problems that have plagued the three-year-old concrete ramp at its Grass Island Marina. Some boaters complained about the large groove created where the precast concrete planks joined.
Henry Goyette, operational manager of boats and harbors in the town's marine division, agrees with boaters that something needed to be done. That work could be done in March if the town receives approval from the state's Department of Environmental Protection. The town uses the Grass Island ramp to launch a vessel that it uses to transport heavy equipment for work on the islands, Goyette said.
The project at Greenwich Point Marina could cost about $200,000, but first it needs approval from the U.S. The project has three elements: a 112-foot precast concrete ramp that will replace the existing 94-foot ramp, a floating dock that will be adjacent to the ramp and a concrete pad.
By extending the length of the plank, it will now give boaters six feet of water at low tide at the end of the ramp compared to the current four feet, Goyette said.

Boaters will be able to temporarily use the floating dock when they launch or pull their boats from the water. I bought wet-cast pavers 2' by 3', 2" thick that have a nonslip surface cast into them, rather than dry-cast pavers that are not durable. 31 deadline for all marinas and boat yards to install facilities to capture wastewater or cease pressure-washing boats.
The town also will be contributing some equipment and workers, Goyette said, but that cost will be picked up by Norwalk Marine. The state's concern is the toxic nature of the copper marine anti-fouling paint, which is applied to boat hulls to prevent marine life from attaching to the bottom and causing damage. It was so heavy I assembled in on skids near the water line at low tide and slid it into the water once the tide rose. A rim of pressure-treated wood strips contains the pavers on the tray, and cross-cleats underneath hold the boards together and keep the tray from sliding away from the shoreline.

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