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My toddler is almost 4 years old and is transitioning from baby and toddler toys to big girl toys, like Barbie.
You can still find your traditional Barbie dolls, but now Barbie also has expanded into other products, like Mega Bloks!
I know that one of my daughters would want the Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Luxury Mansion Play Set. The Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Luxury Mansion Play Set is at the top of the list followed by the pet set. I think my granddaughter would love the Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Pet Shop Play Set. A simple back and forth motion is all it takes to send cars speeding along the Darda Track. In our last menu tutorial we looked at creating a custom style sheet for the mega drop down menu plugin. This tutorial assumes that you understand at least the basics of CSS and HTML, know how to create a custom menu using the admin system in Wordpress 3.0 and, of course, use our Vertical Mega menu plugin as some of the CSS selectors are specific to this plugin. The following CSS code gives the minimum styling required to create the standard mega menu structure without any specifc styles for the menu options. In order to customise the menu you will need the menu item ID’s that Wordpress automatically assigns to the HTML list items. It can get a little confusing wading through the source code so it’s best to work out first which items need to have additional CSS rules. The jackets are slightly different to the other 2 since the menu only have 2 levels of navigation. Download the source code below for a complete working copies of both the basic and customised menus.
Forgot to identify that I’m using the wordpress plugin on a twenty eleven child theme.
I modified the sample CSS code, installed it in my theme (Agency theme by StudioPress) CSS file, and it’s not appearing.

For simplicity, I ultimately decided on a 2 level custom menu – however, the submenu items are custom links to page tabs.
To anyone looking to implement a 3 level custom mega menu, I would highly recommend combining the Mega Menu widget with Dynamic Drive tabs as a way of organising and accessing product content in an easy and concise way from the main menu. IIRC, there was a whole (far too easy) TI-83 Megaman with bosses like Fresh Man, Police Man, and Anchor Man. TSG are a group of volunteers who host gaming marathons to raise money for various charities. She received her first Barbie last year, but didn’t really play with it until recently.
Mega Bloks were my daughter’s FIRST toy, and with their ever expanding line, she will be playing with Mega Bloks throughout her childhood. We received the Barbie Build & Style Pet Shop, as specifically requested by my toddler.
Check out these other fun Mega Bloks Barbie Playsets which are available at Walmart, and in a comment tell me which one is your favorite – you might just win it! Today we are going to go through the jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Plugin and how we can use the plugin’s built in CSS classes combined with the inherent Wordpress menu classes to create a completely customised menu.
In addition to the basic minimum styles required to create the vertical mega menu we will add a drop-shadow to the menu container and also customise all 3 of the sub-menus. The jackets sub-menu gives an example of how you can still customise the mega menu with only 2 menu levels. Using the above techniques you can pretty much customise the menu to suite most requirements. I want to use my custom menu file named differently instead of the custom menu I made in blue.css in case the client ever updates the menu plugin per your suggestion.
Either something in your style sheet is affecting the mega menu or the custom styles are missing something. Your suggestion was a good one: I changed from the Slide effect to Fade In and most of my IE8 troubles disappeared.

The main .sidebar li is overriding the Vertical Mega Menu styles, and the items that are supposed to float left are all mashed up top. Drawn by Princeofredroses, Mega Anime Avatar Creator lets you create your own anime avatar. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! She loves changing outfits and playing pretend with her Barbies – which reminds me of my childhood friend who had so many Barbies and outfits, we would play for hours! She loves animals and aspires to be a vet when she grows up, so this play set was perfect for her!
This huge 150-piece set includes two Ultra Speed race Cars, upside-down loops, turns, towers, bases and plenty of track so you can create numerous course configurations. I’ve read a number of articles about an IE bug that could be related to this, where the solution was to add an empty DIV between the floated LI and the absolutely positioned DIV.
I still had some issues setting width and height on the sub-container, but solved it with some individual list item padding. You may also want to check out other anime dress up games or cool creator games on our website.
Mega Bloks play sets provide hours of fun, and fosters creativity and tactile learning in children. The play set include 98 pieces which make a fun Barbie pet shop where you can find cute accessories for your pup or feline. And, when you're done playing, all the components can be packed away in the handy plastic storage container. You can pick the shape of the nose, eyes, eyebrows or lips and there’s heaps of other features that can be adjusted such as hairstyles, clothes, many types of anime accessories or even hand gestures.

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