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Deep Creek Lake, MD – February 24, 2012 – The Creekside Club, a fractional private residence club, is coming soon to beautiful Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, MD.
Offering a smarter way to own a vacation home at Deep Creek Lake with fractional ownership, The Creekside Club is scheduled to open Spring 2012 but is taking reservations now for ownership.
The Creekside Club’s ownership model truly fits this new real estate market  – by being the “smarter way to own” a lakefront vacation home.
Fractional real estates expansion into Deep Creek Lake, MD, is being driven by a growing consumer awareness and interest in this unique and efficient second home ownership model.  Owning fractional real estate allows you to purchase your vacation home, use it as much as you want (probably more than you’ll have time to).
Residence Club Partners of Asheville, NC, the management company at Creekside feels this model will change the future of second home ownership forever. Residence Club Partners and DCP International are the leaders in private residence club design, management, sales and marketing in the U.S. Visitors to the Deep Creek Area have a wide choice of accommodations, from rustic to modern in hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and retreats, as well as condominiums, townhouses, and private homes for rent by the day, week or month. Back at the lake you'll find the towns of McHenry, Thayersville, Green Glade, Hazelhurst and McComas Beach nestled in various coves. The 3900-acre Deep Creek Lake with 65 miles of shoreline is nestled in the Allegheny Mountains 2466 feet above sea level just west of the eastern continental divide. In the summer in Garrett County, it is significantly cooler than in the surrounding lowlands. If shopping and antiquing is your thing, the Deep Creek Lake area is ready for you in the towns mentioned earlier and in Friendsville, Swanton, Grantsville, and Accident.

This very popular four-season vacation area has been a destination for a generation of families from the Washington D.C. A luxuriously furnished four-bedroom villa, complete with private dock, starts at only $139,000 for a one-eighth deeded share, and allows you to use your lakefront home as much as you want based on availability. It also allows owners to keep more cash in their pocket, since buyers only pay a fraction of the acquisition price, and owners share all upkeep costs on a million dollar home on the lake. Just a few scenic hours from Washington, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Morgantown and other points in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, the Deep Creek Lake resort area is a million miles from stress. You can even take a scenic airplane ride over the lake from the Cumberland Regional Airport.
Marinas, shops and restaurants dot the area, with old-town Oakland, the county seat of Garrett County, full of shops, restaurants, and history just a few minutes south of the lake. Antique, craft and souvenir shops are interspersed with apparel, sporting goods, sewing and embroidery, and toys and games shops.
If you want to cook or barbeque, we've got full service grocery stores, seafood markets, specialty food shops, bakeries, spirit shops and convenience stores. If you've never been here, or if you haven't visited in a while, you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you'll find. Since 1986, the residence club ownership model has proven to be a smarter way to own a luxury vacation home without all the traditional hassles associated with second home ownership. And if that is not enough, it comes with a brand new 24’ top-of-the line Bennington boat to cruise and play on the crystal clear waters of Deep Creek Lake, right outside your back door.

Because of the elevation, Spring arrives a little later and the forests shine with brilliant green.
Then there are the florists, nurseries and garden centers, furniture, home decor, and lawn and garden stores.
If you're eating out, you'll find no shortage of choices from coffee shops and pastry shops to all types of restaurants and delicatessens. If you've been here, we're sure you'll be back to reprise your enjoyment and check out all the things you could not find the time for previously. Private residence clubs can be found in other luxury vacation destinations such as the Rocky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and some tropical paradises as well. There are tours and white water rafting, ATV rides through the woods, golf and mini golf, go carts, bumper boats, arcades, horseback riding, and much more. Autumn comes a little earlier, and the foliage is a riot of red and gold with russet and tan.
All of the services you expect at home are available here at the lake such as automotive, spas and hot tubs, Internet Service Providers, signs and banners, as well as legal and medical services. At a state park or on a private trail you breathe of fresh mountain air as you see nature up-close and personal.

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