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Once you and your wrap shop have finalized the design, the wrap is then printed and installed within days. This entry was posted in 3D Vehicle wrap Design, Advertising, Alternate wrap use, Announcements, Boat Graphics, Boat Wraps, Custom Boat Graphics, Custom Boat Wraps, On-line Design, Special Promotions, Vehicle wrap design, Vehicle Wrap Installation, Vehicle wrap printing and tagged Bass Boat, Boat advertising, Boat protection, Boat wrap, Boat Wrap Design, Boat wrap promotion, Cool Design, Custom Boat Wrap, Custom wraps, Fleet advertising, Good design, Ski Boat, wrap installation, wrap material.
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Knowing we were already behind schedule, we kicked our installation efforts into high gear. The first step is to create a quick mockup with our boat wrap customizer, and follow our four (4) step design process. Whether you want to promote an event such as a fishing tournament or a wake-boarding competition or simply (like myself) want to get rid of the fading color on the sides of the boat from sun and salt, a vinyl wrap professionally installed will do the job and will be a smart investment that will last for years.
Then, we remove residue with RapidPrep wax and grease remover, Then we continue with an alcohol bath (we apply standard isopropyl at least once, preferably twice, before actual vinyl installation).
Dow, a longtime installer for us, can vouch for this; he had to complete 32 backside wraps for 16 vessels, and each of them were flawless. When you buy a boat, you as a customer are spending a lot of money on that boat, plus you have to figure everything else that comes along with buying a boat: a truck to haul it with, a trailer to haul it on, and a place to keep it.

Once you have your concept boat wrap design made, just search your area and pick from a list of available local wrap shops to request quotes from.
Why waste money on having professional artists or painters come in and try to accomplish a job that will take them days, weeks, or even months? This involved disassembling rub rails, removing trolling motors and dislodging any other potential installation hazards. And then you go over the product one more time with a lint-free glove, making sure no little lint balls remain on the vessel itself. Traveling 70 mph on a chilly, rainy day, we didn’t stay out long, but we managed to catch a few fish.
To negotiate these complex surfaces, we use 3M Roller L applicators, and we smooth the vinyl into place with Milwaukee Tool heat guns. The curves on a Nitro bass boat’s central console will also put your installation methods to the test.
You can have the design of your choosing created, printed and installed within a day with only a portion of the cost. After spending all that money, do you don’t want your boat to look like all the rest?

If you want to add colors or images, just convey your thoughts to create the custom boat graphic you desire – the possibilities are endless! If your boat already has existing detailing, a custom design graphic can be put on over almost anything without the hassle of removing the existing one. There’s no substitute for the right materials, the right tools and the right training. Your local wrap shop will be happy to assist you with the enhancements to the design and to create the professional look that you really want.
The shop had laminated the film with 3M Scotchcal 8518 high-gloss laminate, so having the material fully prepared gave us a good head start.
3M’s air-egress products work very well with these deep body lines, and the glossy-finish topcoat adds extra pop on a sunny day in the water.

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