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Wicked Catch came to us looking for the top graphic designer to handle their graphic design, web design and video design needs. I had to get away from the computer and my everyday graphic designer duties to relax a bit. David Meilahn, MCYMeilhan Custom Yachts chose Steve French and his group of artists and technical designers, Applied Concepts Unleashed, for exterior and interior design for the hand crafted Gemini custom yacht line.

Adam LaRosaApplied Concepts 3-D computer modeling allows builders to reduce both cost and construction time and allows us to fine tune the boats look and performance before the build.
Intensity Boat WorksWe have teamed up with leading yacht design firm, Applied Concepts Unleashed, in order to help us create sport fishing yachts with great comfort, sexy designs and personality in mind. Ten wonderful pictures illustrate many of the concepts for fishing, consisting of pictures and Wallpapers for fishing rods, images can design quotes and sayings on them, can also be downloaded for free for PC and laptop and set as your desktop wallpaper, or share them via social networking sites with everyone. Josh’s primary vision for JSDesign is to bring cutting edge designs and technology to the web and print industry while offer outstanding customer services to maintain those long term client relationships.

If you have any questions regarding specific image copyrights, please contact us immediately. JSDesign specializes in identity branding (logo design), print collateral, web design, web development and WordPress development.

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