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We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle. VERSION B: Pilothouse with trunk cabin forward adaptable to HUNKY DORY, BIG HUNK, CHUNKY DORY or V-DORY*. Although specifically for Glen-L dories, it is probable, with minor variations, that these CABIN PLANS could be used to build a cabin on similar craft. 5 different cabin plans all in one package for the Big Hunk, Hunky Dory, Little Hunk, V-Dory or Chunky Dory. Reading about the sharpie skiff makes me wonder how so many made a living with these boats before the advent of modern refigeration and commercial fishing as we now know it. In the 1980's I knew clammers who made a living in outboard powered skiffs, Payson wrote about his son working from the skiff they built, also outboard powered. I read that Phil Bolger did some work on a low carbon fisheries project and if he focused on fuel efficiency while ignoring working sail that tells me it's pretty much a done deal - i.e. Look overseas for your answers -- the fisheries in parts of the Pacific, India, etc have exactly the situation you are asking about. With more primitve equipment(boats) the production falls, so you would gett lower living standard(less food per person), or lower population.
Now, people might use sails as auxiliary power under suitable conditions -- sure, no problems. Well there is this one special scenario that creates a place where working sail still exists in the U.S.
There are always exceptions, special cases, tourist traps, weird hippies, and unusual happenings.
When I said it's not going to happen, I meant widespread (or even noticeable) acceptance of working boats without an engine is going to happen. I believe this ship is making regular deliveries of wine from France to England now for more than a year.

Fifty Languedoc wine producers have now been chosen to supply wines, and Albert says he has a waiting list of about 200 others.
The ship itself, the first of seven planned to be working by 2013, is the 52-metre (170-feet) three-masted barque Belem, the last French merchant sailing vessel to be built. The wines will be delivered to Bordeaux by barge using the Canal du Midi and Canal du Garonne that run across southern France from Sete in the east, via Beziers in the Languedoc, where the wines will be collected. CTMVs second boat, which cost six million euros (8.4 million dollars) to build and is as yet unnamed, will also be launched in March this year.
With a total of seven ships the investment in the project looks set to be about 40 to 50 million euros. The ship will bring back to France an equivalent tonnage of crushed glass for recycling into wine bottles at two factories, one in Bordeaux and one in Beziers.
This should mean cheaper bottles and better supply given the current problems some producers are having trying to get enough bottles. Future ports of call, with Bordeaux as the regular departure point, will include Bristol or Manchester in England, Gothenburg in Sweden, Copenhagen in Denmark, and other towns in Scandinavia. That's nice for the fleet in Venezuela, I don't think that price is good everywhere that boats buy fuel though. Performance is exceptional throughout the speed range using outboard motors from 20 to 40 HP, mounted either in a well inside the boat, or on the transom with a splash well.
Because the NEXUS 21' Dory is such an adaptable boat, available in both open and cabin models and with so many other options, she is popular for many different uses. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Convert HUNKY DORY, LITTLE HUNK, BIG HUNK, CHUNKY DORY or V-DORY to a deluxe cruiser with a choice of five different cabin styles.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.

High fuel prices might force people to downsize their engines, but going back to sail means long hours beating instead of just motoring into the wind. It will measure 52 metres and have 1,000 square metres of sails and a top speed of 14 knots.
Albert would not confirm the exact investment figure, but said he now has seven private investors and the financing is 70 percent private capital and 30 percent bank loans.
Another plan, to collect the used bottles, may also emerge, but at the moment the logistics are complicated, Albert said. She's an economical, beautiful, versatile craft, and she's big enough to handle the worst weather you'll encounter in inland waters. People with waterfront homes find that her light weight, beachability, and large load capacity make her a waterborne pickup truck. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Details on all versions are furnished in DORY CABIN PLANS; with dimensional layouts for cabin exterior, interior joinery, control console, plus structural details, lumber sizes, fastening schedule, and instructions. Only minor modifications are required, so add a cabin while building, or retrofit one after hull completion. Pilothouse versions have 6' plus headroom, helm station, cabinets and space for stove and sink. Consequently, trolling performance is excellent and she's just as maneuverable in reverse as in forward! Fishers like the unobstructed flat cockpit sole, the fuel economy, and our ability to customize the boat for their fishing methods.

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