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We offer the Mini Bar which is the same as the ACTION seat in size but has the closed cell foam and the adjustable head rest. Message me or call direct and mention DHC forum and I will throw in a window decal and a drink coozie for anybody from the forum at no charge who buys a BAR or Mini BAR seat. I had an old beach lounge chair laying around, so i cut the lower third portion off (or you can just fold it on top of the middle portion). Our hunting location for the day depends upon weather, wind and phase of the tide, availability of sea ducks, and which species you most prefer.
Our day starts early; it is well before legal shooting time when we meet at a predetermined location.
Once at our destination, hunters are off loaded on to ledges, or lay-out boats are set, or the seaworthy 21' Polar Kraft is readied for shooting.
Eiders, Long-tails and Scoters respond very well to layout boats and open water decoy spreads. Clients may choose to enjoy an afternoon afield chasing Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock over pointing dogs in classic New England coverts. Getting a chance to hunt sea ducks on big water, with a quality outfitter, out of a layout boat set up is a very unique waterfowl hunting opportunity and had been on my bucket list for a long time. My anticipation was high as I pulled into the Park & Ride to meet Mike and Dean for a my first ever morning of sea duck hunting. The two, one man Might Layout Boys- layout boats were secured to the bow so they could be easily accessed once we reached our hunting location.
While checking the local forecast, Mike explained that the weatherman predicted a bit of wind coming from the southeast and the fear for the morning was that we wouldn’t make it out of the harbor. The chase boat left me in my isolated cubby among my decoys, the morning light began to break and the sound of whistling wings began. The birds began to fly just as the guides had said, coming from the north and moving south. About thirty minutes after shooting light started I saw a gigantic flock of birds hovering over the water coming straight from the north towards my spread. By midmorning we were heading back to the harbor where we launched, to warm up and grab some well needed breakfast. While Mike prepared breakfast, I noticed Dean scurrying around the truck and he soon came back with two small boxes. When we received our itinerary there were several motel lodging options listed with several caliber lodging establishments. From the moment we booked the trip we received a professional itinerary about our upcoming trip. Additional Services OfferedIn addition to Mike and Dean’s unbelievable Lake Michigan sea duck hunting, they also offer an incredible diver duck hunt on the bay of Green Bay as well as early season and regular season field Canada goose hunts in eastern Wisconsin.
I can't remember what the web site is but there is one if you search to buy online or he takes money orders. While we generally take mixed bags of sea ducks, some locations are better than others for specific species.
For those hunters based out of the Midwest, like myself, it is a long flight to one of the coasts or even a further trip up to Alaska, to experience such a trip. It was going to be a new experience for me as I had never even hunted out of a layout boat before, let alone be smack dab in the middle of a big water decoy spread, over a mile off shore. After a quick discussion of direction, we departed for our port where we would be launching the morning’s hunt.
Our backup plan for rough water on Lake Michigan was to head north to Green Bay where the weather would be a bit calmer and easier to maneuver to hunt. Dan was going to be placed in a spread in shallower water on another feeding area about a mile away from me. That way they could come in with the chase boat and retrieve birds or reset my decoy spread if something wasn’t working right.
With the southeast wind blowing at about 10 miles per hour I was able to watch the birds appear on the horizon as they moved to feed.
As I watched the flock get closer I started to realize the amount of birds there were and my jaw started to drop.

With smiles from ear to ear Mike and Dean snapped a few happy photos of the morning’s success. Inside were coffee mugs that were decorated with a picture of Dan and I holding our two trophy Old Squaws from the morning’s hunt.
Being an active waterfowl hunter I’ve gotten to see quite a few spectacular mornings when the birds give you a great show, but I can say that hunting sea ducks on the big water is truly something special. The hunt was well put together and the atmosphere from start to finish was a fun and light hearted experience.
We elected to stay at a small bed and breakfast style motel with a little fireplace and canopy bed. However you will be hunting out of your own boat so the hunt is as personable as you can get. A perfect compliment to a day of sea duck hunting on Lake Michigan is a 2 day combo diver duck hunt.
It was my first build and first attempt at fiberglassing anything (just get the mixture right). Also would be great if you post here to keep it going.DO NOT ORDER ONLINE, IT WILL NOT DO THe FREE ITEMS, call me or email me (preferred) or you can send me a pm!!!!!!!! Any idea which one of the 2 would work the best in it?Both are the same width of 15", the difference is in the lower seat portion and upper back portion. When all is said, the weather and tide primarily determines where and how we will hunt on any given day. We will then proceed to the boat launch ramp where we will have a safety briefing, make final preparations to launch the boat and head off shore for the morning hunt.
Whether you're a veteran layout boat duck hunter or first timer, the unique and exciting experience of hunting Maine sea ducks from a Bankes One-Man Layout Boat is not one you will soon forget. We quickly arrived at the harbor and Dean walked down to the end of the pier to check the height of the waves, to ensure that we could make it out safely.
Right before I had ample shooting light I heard Dan over the radio that he was all set and from there it was game on. We enjoyed a soda and waited for Mike to prepare a delicious egg bake packed full of goodies as we relived the morning’s adventure. It’s surely something completely different from the typical waterfowl hunt and one that every waterfowler should try at least once in their life. It would have been very discouraging seeing that many ducks and not being set up in the right spot. Refreshments were available throughout the hunt on the boat supplied by our fearless guides and a delicious egg bake breakfast wrapped up a successful hunt. They also offer the option of catering to individual hunters for a little extra- $350.00 per day.
All in all I'm happy with it, it is a little heavier then I would like but it is awsome killin birds out of a homemade build. I used to live there and I know Rob pretty well, he usd to be a game warden at Grand Pass in Mo.
All in all I'm happy with it, it is a little heavier then I would like but it is awsome killin birds out of a homemade build.Looks good.
You will need a hunting license (previous or current) from your state or a Hunter Safety Certificate to purchase your Maine License.
That is why I was so excited when I heard about the chance to hunt Old Squaws and Scoters right here in my back yard, just outside of Green Bay, WI on Lake Michigan with Mike Thun and Dean Crom of Big Water Outdoors. Mike and Dean spoke with confidence the day before the hunt as to the amount of birds on the lake and it seemed as though we were hitting a good week of migration. The fear of traveling farther north was set aside when Dean came back with good news of fare weather.
Having to adjust to the rolling waves and the fast moving birds was the trick of the morning, but with a little luck and some Winchester BB’s the first drake Old Squaw hit the water. As I got lost in amazement, I was so caught up in the sights and sounds of the birds that I nearly forgot to pull up my gun and shoot.
And to have that opportunity right here in the upper Midwest was something very special and unique.

But we did have ample opportunity to each harvest a full limit with no problem due to out outfitter’s expert knowledge and preparation. The fact that we had two separate spreads of decoys to hunt over made the experience very personable and the fact that Mike and Dean were at our beck and call at all times to make sure that we both had a great time.
Much thought and preparation were put into every aspect of the hunt and it was evident that our guides truly care about the hunter’s experience and will bend over backwards to make it a success. Traditional, cold weather, waterfowl gear and insulated waders or hip boots are a necessity. As Dan Wennerlind and I pulled in to meet the guides, I was immediately taken back by the boat and setup that we’d be venturing out in for the morning hunt. Although there were a bit of waves on the lake, hunting conditions were favorable and the weather was extremely manageable with the setup we had.As we closed on our first hunting location Mike scurried to get the first layout boat unhooked from the bow.
Picking out the drakes ended up to be a lot easier than expected even with the cloudy weather. I finally pulled up on the back side of the flock and shot a picture perfect drake Old Squaw.
I am sure I will be back again to hunt with Mike and Dean again very soon, but next time I am going to be sure and add on a second day to encompass their fabulous diver duck hunting combo hunt on the bay of Green Bay! It was also evident that there was a lot of preparation put into the decoy spread as well and everything was fast and efficient.
Plus it comes with a shoulder strap if you need to carry it on a field hunt or for turkey hunt or whatever else you want to use it for. The chase boat was massive in size and quickly diminished any worries of traveling on the big water in the morning chop. I was amazed at how quick he was able to deploy the first boat, an example of how much thought and preparation were put into their setup and operation.
Not but a few seconds after my shot I heard Dean on the radio hollering with excitement as he watched the birds fly over my spread.
The adjustable head rest is a major benefit in supporting your head while you are laying out. Not a few moments later a pair came in quick over my left shoulder and I was able to shoot the drake on my first shot. They were no doubt excited to see that there scouting and work had paid off for the morning’s hunt and that they had two very happy hunters sitting in their decoys. With the amount of decoys we put out, I was amazed at how quick the spread was set, in just a few moments Mike had 4 big strings of Old Squaw and Scoter decoys out.
I quickly radioed Dean and Mike in the chase boat to come retrieve the two dead birds I had sitting on the water.
The morning progressed and both Dan and I were able to easily bag our six bird bag limit of 9 Old Squaws and 3 Common Scoters, while leaving our hunting locations as the birds were still flying.
Mike explained that with his custom rig he’s able to put his spread out up to 4 times faster than the average hunter. I could hear over the radio that Dan was having similar success over his spread and had a few birds down as well. This would also give us an advantage against the birds if they started using one area of the other. The first spread was set and it was finally time for me to get into the small layout boat to start hunting.
Shooting time was coming up in just minutes and I was starting to see birds move from the north down south towards my spread. I grabbed my gun and a few boxes of shells and with one big step from the chase boat I was all on my own, 2 miles or so from shore and ready to start shooting.

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