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The boat is aptly named due to the fact that it only goes 3-4 miles per hour at a pedaling rate of 50rpm. 91-year-old naval architect Phil Thiel, born in Brooklyn, now in Seattle has created human-powered boats since his teenage years. Sailors tend to want headroom, as it keeps from being bashed about in rough seas and saves one from an aching back.
To Daniel, I love pedal boating because it is generally easier, safer and softer on the body than walking the same distance.

Wow, I admire him because in his early teenage years he created this human-powered boat through pedaling.
I would probably make it pop up like earlier mentioned (either light weight materials in the pop up or heavy canvas), and might steal the idea of an extra solar panel or two and an electric motor (at least for use in slightly faster water, as most American waters get seasonally quick). This boat is not that efficient today but this is a great creation or invention history for me. Thiel’s Friend Ship might be more suitable as a live aboard, although I believe it is designed for motor, rather than pedal, power.

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