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Because we planned to entertain guests on Grace, we wanted to have as large a cockpit as possible.
The batteries are recharged with an on-board charger that can run on standard household 120VAC, or 240VAC. Instead of the carvel construction shown on the plans, we built a lapstrake hull with okoume plywood planking on bent oak frames.
The center sections of the plywood cockpit sole are removable for access to batteries and motor. The jog in the hatch outline allows for a future enclosed head when the rigid canopy is installed. There is plenty of room for seating and tables for eight, plus a helmsman who typically sat on a wicker stool. The forward section of the coaming is bent over a trap, then fitted to the boat when cooled. LO VOLTAGE is powered by an electric golf cart DC motor readily available from golf courses or related suppliers new, re-built, or used. The LO VOLTAGE is easy to build, as full size patterns are furnished for virtually every part in the boat including the planking. There are two different sets of plans available for the LO VOLTAGE; when using the ELECTRIC DRIVE propulsion system, or when the electric motor will drive a conventional prop shaft system. Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats.
It's powered by a 24 volt o.5 hp inboard permanent magnet motor which is linked to the shaft by V drive .
The Duffy Cat 18 (about $15,995) This 17 ft long by 8 ft 6 inch wide catamaran seats 10 adults.
The props are 12 inch diameter with a 6 inch pitch The boat hull and motors weigh 3200 lbs.
This 39 ft Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe is powered by a single Minn Kota 70 lb thrust 24 volt submersible outboard. This may be the first passenger carrying boat which is powered exclussively (more or less) by solar power.

This table is provided to aid you in the layout and planning for any electric boat project you should contemplate or take on. Barefoot 5.8 a planing sail and oar boat and Barefootwoodenboat's entry in this summer's Race-to-Alaska was launched Saturday. Based on our successful Seka (13’6”) design, this new launch is to be strip-planked as a semi-production project by J and J Gloucester of the UK. We are building this boat for ourselves and expect to have her complete in the summer of 2013. This design was originally drawn for use as a fishing camp tender on the Great Lakes, so it has a higher bow and greater freeboard than many other launches that are intended for use on more protected waters. We achieved this by eliminating the cabin and raising the cockpit sole 1 ?” to allow the batteries and motor to be entirely beneath the floorboards. The motor is rated at 6HP continuous, and easily gets the boat to hull speed, about 6.2 knots. The lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries are expected to be able to be recharged 2000-3000 times, depending on usage. It covers the entire cockpit and feature windows all around, making Grace an all-weather boat. The hull glides silently through the water, and is environmentally friendly and accepted by nature. They provide adequate power to drive the hull at 4-6 mph for about 5 hours before recharge, although speed and voltage used can vary the running time considerably. The simple Stitch and Glue method brings boatbuilding within the abilities of most everyone.
Electrically powered equipment includes running lights, head lights, a spot light and an amateur radio.
This boat seats up to 6 (Total capacity 800lbs) and operates at speeds up to 5 knots for 5 hours. Two 115-Ak 12 volt bateries are used and speed is controlled by a solid state variable speed device.
The power is stored in six 220-Ah 6 volt batteries and delivered by a solid state variable speed control.

It consists of two 4 HP, 1600 RPM direct drive motors mounted inboard with straight U joint shafts through the hull. The 12 volt panels are in series to provide 24 volts to the 4 series wired 6 volt batteries.
The new pilot house version of Harry 2, 30' LOD sailing scow, has been featured at Shanty Boat Living and Viva V is in WoodenBoat's summer 2013 MotorBoats magazine launchings anthology. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. We began building Grace in late 2009, and construction took 17 months, working mostly weekends and evenings.
It allows configuring the seating to suit the number of guests, and allows everyone to face the view. Creatures are unafraid of the boat and passengers can closely observe wildlife; you are not intruding on nature, you're joining it. The batteries are readily "re-fueled" by a charger connected to standard 110-120 volt AC household current. It's simple; cut the parts from the patterns, drill the stitch holes, wire the planking together, glue-fillet the seams, remove the stitches, reinforce the seams with fiberglass laminates, and the hull is formed. A traditional, bright finished 15' black-hulled carvel launch with new Briggs and Stratton inboard. And, in the over 30' power section, photos from this summer of the Wedge Point 27's "big sisters", Yellow Cedar 38 and Memory 38. The silent propulsion method allows conversation at normal levels, and the passengers are in a friendly grouping with the helms person. There is plenty of capacity to install a larger battery bank if the need arises, but the existing bank is fine for our intended use.

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