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Scientists at Cambridge University and the University of Manchester have demonstrated that their robot scientist Eve is capable of speeding up the search for new drugs and could transform the global pharmaceutical industry. Eve is a robotic scientist developed by researchers from the Universities of Aberystwyth and Cambridge, the same team who created the robot Adam back in 2009.  Robot scientist Eve cost about $1 million to build and is able to be left on her own for days to design experiments, carry them out, analyze samples, take down results from the experiments and then move on to the next experiment. The magazine’s caption for the image above asks, in part, “What’s it like to be raised by a leading expert on trust and deception? Support Graduate EducationLearn more about the Campaign for Berkeley and Graduate Fellowships. The Graduate Division oversees graduate admissions, fellowships, grants, academic employment, preparation for teaching, mentoring activities, professional development, track academic progress and degree milestones.
This is another practical solar car, not unlike the SolarWorld GT car from Bochum University. This is probably a two seater, (like the SolarWorld GT car) and they fit in the front where the floor is lowest to the ground.

I always figured an electric S-10 with solar cells on the hood, roof of cab and bed with solar celled tonneau cover would provide a good portion of the vehicles power needs and also be affordable, have room for real people and their things. Interior DesignGet Your Groove ON with 12 Unique Bedroom Design IdeasJun 7 2015 Isn’t it wonderful when you have one thing or quality that no one else has? Eve was created specifically to automate the early stages of drug design, she’s capable of scanning over 10,000 compounds a days, whereas human obviously wouldn’t be able to process as many in the same timeframe. Psychologist Paul Ekman and his wife Mary Ann Mason have extended a great deal of trust to their now-28-year-old daughter, Eve.”  The photo is by Mason, Ekman’s wife and Eve’s mother,  a social welfare professor and former dean of the Graduate Division (2000 – 2007) who now co-directs the Berkeley Center on Health, Economic, and Family Security. You not only get to share your room with others but you also have a limited space for your items. Take your blanket, a decoration, a cushion, a lamp or anything that might create a home-like feeling. Try to decide upon a general theme with your room mate or else the whole room might get too busy and colored.

Living in a small space can be difficult sometimes; just imagine how living in a small and busy place would be… you wouldn’t want that, would you? Chris, Wayne, Kenan and Joe discuss the Bills draft day plans and give you their thoughts on what they think Buffalo should do on Thursday night.
Choosing someone you already know would be much easier as you already have something to talk about with that person and share some of the happenings at home.

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