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This illustration shows our triple taper chine with flat bottom (green arrow) and how other boats are built with a square chine (red arrow). The square chine boat illustrated with the red arrows causes water to rise up along the side of the boat for a wetter ride.
The Triple Taper chine on our boats provides superior lift, a drier ride and allows the boat to roll into turns for top notch performance.

Our triple taper design allows the water to roll off the side differently to make a drier ride. Not one speck of rust or corrosion on this motor whatsoever, not even on any of the bolt heads. The boat has the following: trolling motor, Excel seats, duck back transom, built in kik-up shocks, interior LED lighting, twin LED front mounted spot lights, super liner on interior, gun or rod box, storage tray, twin dry boxes, tool storage, twin battery storage, power control panel,bilge and onboard charger.

Price them out, check around, you will NOT find another one for near the price, and certainly not as loaded as this one.

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