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During his racing career in the premier class Jones worked closely with boat builder and designer David Burgess, whose race boats have won 47 world championships in various categories. Burgess was the mastermind behind several race boat designs and Jones was the driver who tested many of the prototypes. After retiring as a Formula One driver it seemed a natural progression for Jones to move into designing and building race boats himself incorporating many of the developments he had worked on over the years.
Together with David Morgan, a race boat engineer who himself had worked closely with Jones from 1985A  the company set about building Formula One and Formula Two race craft. The company is also working with the University of Glamorgan, Wales on innovative structural design techniques and in Computer Fluid Dynamics program. From the experience gained to date Dragon Formula One is lookingA  to the future with new innovative ideas and projects.
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Experience the highest class of inboard powerboat racing in the world with the Exceed Formula 1 powerboat.
Upon removing the magnetized rear canopy of the F1 boat, you will find a balsa radio tray plate covered by a removable plexi sheet used to protect your receiver and outboard motor steering servo.
This is a new class in the UK for 2013 and is the green alternative to the original F4 class. The class has been running across the world the last 4 years and competitions are held at National, European and World level as well an additional support class at the world F1 series.

F4s Powerboat Racing uses a tunnel hull catamaran design of a smaller size to the F2 Powerboat but is capable of both high speeds and exceptional manoeuvrability. Using factory ‘standard’ engines where modifications are forbidden, the F4s Class keeps running costs to a minimum and produces close, competitive racing. Most of the UK’s F2 drivers perfected their skills in the F4s class before going on to win at both National & International level. Hydroplane Powerboat Plans If You Want To Know How to Build a DIY Boat Quickly & Easily Please Pay Attention. A 2636kv water-cooled 380 sized brushless motor is encased in a fiberglass outboard motor shell which pivots for maximum water condition tuning and performance. Forward of this tray is a balsa seat with velrco provisions to mount your selection of a 11.1v 2200-4500mah rated lithium polymer battery.
The classes will run together during the transition from F4 to F4s as the entry level Circuit catamaran class for drivers aged 14 upwards with no upper age limit. Due to their specially designed hulls, F4s boats are able to turn almost instantaneously making racing extremely exhilarating.
The tunnel hull design creates aerodynamic lift due to a wing formed by the deck and under the surface of the hull.
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This increases lift and reduces drag allowing the boat to barely touch the water at high speeds.

The 50 amp brushless electronic speed controller is also water cooled through a water pickup found on the stern of the hull.
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The entire hull is constructed of fiberglass allowing it to remain tough yet lightweight. The bottom half of the outboard motor including the skeg is constructed of CNC billet aluminum for maximum toughness and durability.
This process also produces a superior finish providing resistance to ultraviolet degradation and hydrolysis.
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