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Bevel and feather all edges of such ground out areas with a 3 to 1 taper width to depth ratio, these areas are relative to the depth of the ground out areas and the surrounding intact areas of the exposed fiberglass laminate.
After grinding and beveling are completed, wipe the area with clean acetone a couple of times before laminating.
Using measured and catalyzed Vinylester or Epoxy resin, lay patches of the desired specs of laminates to fit dimensions and shape of the ground out and prepped areas. Add 1 final layer of 1 ½ ounce (CSM) or chopped strand matt overall to provide a sanding fair surface. Wipe down area, prep and mask off to spray on 2 part epoxy primer or color match polyester catalyzed gel coat with either a liquid wax solution additive or a Duratec Product to prevent post curing tackiness. Hurricane Marine is offering a 10% discount to all current Sea Tow members for all services offered. I built a custom door (easy access boat door at waterlevel) for a person in a wheelchair that wanted easier access. From small dings to large fiberglass repair, we  here at AAA Marine can take care of it. We strive for customer satisfaction and still believe that the best advertisement is word of mouth.
Conveniently located to Broward County inlets, we are accessible by land or water and are able to lift your boat out of the water. We service all makes and model boats, all mechanical needs, electronics installation, electrical, fiberglass, detailing, haul out, zinc replacement, bottom painting, and more!

Garden Isle Marine is conveniently located in South Florida, accessible from Light House Point, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, and even Miami. So if you are looking for a boat mechanic in Pompano Beach or near Pompano Beach such as Deerfield Beach, Light House Point, Boca Raton, or anywhere close by such as the Greater Fort Lauderdale Area, come see the boat mechanics in Pompano Beach at Garden Isle Marine. This is a trailer brake line kit put together to outfit a standard tandem axle boat or utility trailer with the appropriate brake lines to install Disc or Drum brakes. For over 30 years, Don Bomba's Mobile Fiberglass Boat Repair has been providing quality fiberglass boat repair, gel coat repair, boat painting, and more to the Fort Myers, FL area and surrounding areas. Add enough numbers of ply groups of fiberglass to fill in just beyond flush with the surrounding intact fiberglass surface.
We provide boat repair in Pompano Beach, near Light House Point and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Parts are readily available and work is done quickly as possible to get customers back in the water. Our boatyard is staffed with experienced technicians that are certified in servicing boats and motors for over three decades! We provide comprehensive marine repair beyond boat repair such as boat trailer repair and boat fiberglass repair. As a licensed and insured company with decades of experience, you can be sure we will provide only the highest quality of workmanship, whether you need your fiberglass boat repaired or repainted, or your fiberglass pool fixed.
The finished laminate must exhibit no unwetted strands of fiberglass, jackstrawing, white laminate, air bubbles, loose projectiles, fibers, jagged edges, or resin pool drips on the surface.

Our master boat mechanic has over 32 years experience in marine repair including boat motor repair and fiberglass repair on boats.
Our lift can pull your boat from the water in begin servicing in minutes or additionally provide servicing dockside.
We also provide boat repair parts and if for some reason we do not have it in stock, we can order repair parts for your boat for you. Beyond boat engine repair we also do boat trailer repair and provide boat repair parts or just boat parts in general including boat fuel systems and boat tank cleaning. Using these hoses ensures that your brake hoses will not crack or wear, which would cause pre-mature failure.
For the two styles of cables ties, you can really use them however you desire in order to mount your hoses along your trailers frame or axle. When installing your kit, if any length is slightly longer than needed, simply loop the brake hose in the down ward direction.

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