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DIY Build Testimonials Boats For Sale occupy Survey Consulting Books & Stuff About Us. Hi fellow boat builders!I am about done with the framing of the Chinook (the aluminum version) and now I am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to start the plating.
Johnnyscuba, as I've mentioned before about this design the chine bars are too large in my opinion.
Johnathon, if you're not having good results with the methods I show, but you are with the round bars then they are serving their purpose for your build.I've built many welded skiffs, the methods I use to tack up fair, and to get clean curves are shown basically but there may be other steps that I'm doing which I haven't explained well enough (?) so your results are not clean curves. Reflecting back to its roots, AAM is now featuring a newly redesigned fishing vessel for Bristol Bay gillnetters. All American Marine currently has a limited number of production slots that will guarantee delivery of a new boat in time for the 2011 season. Location: New Zealand Have a look at these hulls, better than a flat bottom less hp to drive and greater stability! Lemme see if I can get an image or two uploaded here just to keep the thread up to date eh? Of course Now she weighs so much that the lil 25 hp Mariner just wouldn't quite plane her with anything but me aboard - so much as a stiff headwind would knock me off plane and one passenger turned her into a slug displacement 6 knot vessel that drank fuel like it was going outta style. For anyone contemplating building thier own alloy boat from a kit - there are a series of two Aussie boating magazine articles, where the female editor welded up her own 4.75 meter (16 ft) boat from one of CDM's Plasma cut kits. You can get back issues of the two magazines containing the articles &photo's on the CDM plate boat project below.
You'd need the back issues numbers 61 from Jan 2001 & 62 from Feb 2001 available online thru the backissues order link off the mainpage link above to read up and get an idea of how hard or easy such a project can be. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Homemade jon sauceboat plans EzineMark unloose message Article Directory homemade jon boat plans topic homemade jon gravy holder plans articles guides in vogue of. They have been replaced by newer and improved versions or similar designs.If you are interested in one of them, let me know, and I will try to suggest a similar design.

He is very knowledgeable on aluminum welding, and I'm certain you'll find everything you need to know in his postings.
I have been wondering about this for a while on my own before deciding to do anything about it.So my version of the Chinnok has Xframes with round chine bars (now just tack weld) and stiffners that I am bending at the moment. I must confess that I am a newbie to all of this so this explains why I followed the plans and instructions carefully and put on 1 inch round chine bars. We recommend that you read this hardcover book - We will even give you a free copy - all you have to do is to pay the postage. The 32’ x 15’ 3” engineered hull provides a forward positioned top house and a working deck configured for stern picking operation. The out side chine bar is one long piece and is fair but the interior chine has been cut at frame 6 to fit until frame 7 and is not fair and I will correct this. Perhaps more than just a tool, this design offers the secret to success with a shallow draft of just 1’ 10” which allows for net setting in shallow waters. We possess the Charles Herbert Best range of professionally designed sword Al and timberland plans Building a Boden gravy holder Plans design bequeath reward you with the personal. The boat is equipped with Traktor Jet propulsion and is keel cooled by a fully contained system, so navigating the tidal flats is no problem. The reality is that I am following the plans and directions and I am truly a beginner with this kind of work so I don't feel I have enough expertise to risk a wrong or loose fit. As soon equally I mention its homemade the insurance agents run the Design and electronic computer cad lofting of welded aluminum boats aluminum kits kit boats and landing Proven sauceboat designs and. With your template technique, I managed to plate the bottom of the hull and so far that has been going well.
The performance of the boat’s Scania D12 525hp diesel engine pays off with the ability to transport 10 tons of fish at 11 knots. I tried your technique on the other side and I removed the chine rods and the plate waved from frame to frame at the inner chine. Perhaps on a future project with a little more experience I will try without the rods or frames.

But, that same method is not really available when the mass of an edge of the weld is disproportionately larger than the other.The rate of chill of the puddle on the bar side is much higher, initially, than the plate side and until the amperage is increased much more than that needed to weld the adjoining plate, the rod simply will not melt into the puddle. I have made several weld checks with a little bending station I made from metal angle bars and a 8 tons jack to ensure solidity of the hull. The reference strip must lay flat to all frames, that is it must not ride up or gap from the frame edges and must be clamped in place without bending inside the frames.
Usually installing the longs in a frame first help insure these conditions are met.Here the model is 'right side up' that is the sheer is up in the image in order to make the point about the shape that will be 'taken off' the model's cards or stations.
This very deep and narrow groove (see below) is potentially a non-fusion area for even the most experienced welder and is not my preference for this hull's chine seams.#3. So if we take a box of plate, and tack the edges to one another and weld those seams, the welds will contract but the two sides act to stabilize the adjacent panel. That stabilization is in the favor of the boat builder who is edge aligning two hull panels for a weld seam preparation. First the two edges can be laid down and cut fair, then tacked fair forcing each adjoining edge to be 'clean' as straight or curved lines, second they will support one another as fair during weld cooling contraction and thereby help to produce a fair hull.By inserting rods in the chine joints as part of the final welded hull, the rod and 'float' or move with relation to the adjacent sheet edge while holding still to the first edge being welded. Therefore the rods add more weld sequence importance and potential for contraction not supported by the cut edge on the opposite side of the weld seam.I should mention that we've had this discussion before, here on Glen-L, about this hull seam's design and I believe it was reported by one of the moderators that Mr. First lay a straight edge along the forwar most and the after most frame reference lines and measure the distances along the frame edges you'll need to cut. The lines will NOT be exactly parallel like a is an image of the grid laid out uniformly on the rectangular sheet, with the topsides reference (frame edge lines) line shown overlaid.
I do (think that I) understand why they are shown in the plans, and I have also explained why that would be helpful for someone the designer will not be emailing one-on-one to support.

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