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Catching squid, can be a tricky business, but there are a few basics that make the job a little easier.
Mornington Peninsula for squid the piers and jetties produce some good results. You’ll have fresh calamari cooking in no time!
You can catch squid during the day, however you’ll have a better chance of catching squid at either dusk or dawn on the Mornington Peninsula. You need patience for this and need to recast you line and follow the same procedure many times. Chris Sutherland is a passionate about fishing and writes articles for Dromana Boat Hire’s website. Chris is also Creative Director at Prolifik Communications—an advertising and web design agency in Melbourne.

Will Give You Fishing News Everywhere From Dromana and Rosebud to the Spectacular Mornington Peninsula You can bring your own tackle or hire it from us. I accept Mornington Boat Hire's Cancelation fees: Hirers provide Less than 24hrs weekday or (48hrs weekend or public holiday)notice.
There are different techniques for different beaches in Australia; however I've found when fishing on the Mornington Peninsula for squid the piers and jetties produce some good results. You'll have fresh calamari cooking in no time! All you need is a reasonably long fishing rod with medium strength line and a squid jig (pictured  below) instead of a fishing hook.
Snapper, Gummy Shark, Rock Flathead, Whiting, Squid, Salmon, Leather Jacket and many more have all been regular captures from our hire boats. Fee = cash amout of the first 2hrs of hire on the booked vessel, Greater than 24 or 48hrs notice.

Firstly, squid are attracted to light and structures (like a pier or jetty) where they can bounce and bob around curiously seeking out prey. Once you have your rod rigged up, cast your line and begin reeling it in slowly with a whipping motion every 3-5 seconds.
This has seen the end of the Savage Angler Half Cabs and the arrival of our Polycraft Center Console hire boats.

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