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SMALL FISHING BOATS FOR SALE IN NJJersey boats offind fishing the southern cross sport fishing boats. Tidewater 180cc The 180 CC Adventure is an 18 footer that feels much bigger, with its 7' 9" beam and large Carolina flair.
220 LXF The NEW 220 LXF is loaded with comfortable full upholstery and stainless steel cup holders.

230 LXF The NEW 230 LXF is loaded with full, comfortable upholstery and stainless steel cup holders.
FREE Pick-Up & DeliveryFor Tidewater Owners when Coastal Boat Sales Provides Winter Storage and Spring Commissioning.
FREE Spring Launch & DeliveryWhen Coastal Boat Sales Does Spring Commissioning of your Tidewater Boat.

Sportlistings of freshwater fishing boats for saleListings of find many boats freshwater fishing boats .

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