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Tampa Bay fishing in the pristine aqua colored waters off Florida's Gulf coast draws a wide range of anglers to the region.
AllCatch Charters welcomes families with children who may want to enjoy a fun filled day on the local inshore waters.
Tampa Bay fishing attracts thousands of anglers every year to the region to experience some very exciting inshore fishing. The Gulf coast, including sparkling Clearwater, is blessed with spectacular fishing which is always an anglers favorite.
Fishing in Tampa Bay is so exciting that it attracts anglers from every state in the nation. This makes for some great fishing that is perfect for diehard anglers as well as families just looking to experience a little fishing fun with the kids.
A Tampa Bay fishing trip can result in you catching any one of a number of exciting species. Let Tampa Bay fishing guide, Captain Gary Burch be your choice in Tampa guides and give your trip the best chance possible at being a successful and memorable Tampa Bay fishing trip.
Our Tampa deep sea fishing charters are an absolute blast.  You never know when a giant school of Sharks will come swimming over the reef! Florida fishing and more specifically Tampa Bay and Clearwater fishing has been recognized as some of the finest fishing along the entire Gulf coast.
Tampa Bay flats fishing is fun for everybody including the kids who have an absolute blast being out on the water. The area fishing guides must be knowledgeable in many different types of fishing for a number of different species.
He is knowledgeable and experienced in catching all inshore species that call the area Tampa Bay fishing grounds home. These 4ft size schooling sharks are tons of fun and sometimes provide a 2-3 hour consistent bite of non stop action.
I did not have time to fish it this year I had too many charters booked.Want to catch Tarpon?
Knowing and following the laws and Tarpon regulations will help keep these exciting Silver Kings in an abundance for our future generations to enjoy the sport of catching and releasing Tarpon. Contact The Capt if you would like to experience Guided Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters, St.Pete Fl Tarpon Charters on our booking page today.

His congenial personality and patience create an atmosphere of comfort and confidence for anglers of all skill levels, including beginners and children. The Tampa Bay area is a fishing paradise that is best known for its awesome inshore and offshore fisheries. He has the ability to find the fish, the know-how to catch them, and the patience to work with his clients in showing them a few tips and tricks to help them be better anglers too. Florida fishing tournaments is a fine sport for saltwater fishing enthusiasts and anglers to challenge their fishing skills,help out a needy organization, earn recognition and possibly win a cash prize.
Please follow all Tarpon regulation and help to insure the that these silver kings stay in an abundance for our future generations. This no pressure approach results in a FUN, safe, productive and memorable day on the water. The sun can be out, the weather could be perfect, and hopes can be high but if you choose the wrong guide your trip could be a disappointment.
Fishing TOURNAMENTS also give the parents the opportunity to get your kids involved in fishing and learning to help support worthy causes.
Irrespective of whether you are experienced angler or a novice angler the fact is all you need it that one fish to win in certain tournament.
The swim bladder of these fish connects to the fish's throat and they can use it as a primitive lung. Tarpon tournaments are more for the experienced angler so if your new to the fishing world start off with a inshore Trout, cat fish etc tournaments to get your feet wet.
This allows the smaller and younger fish to gulp air when the water is low in dissolved oxygen.
Florida fishing competitions can be very rewarding, time consuming and expensive so choose the one that fits your time, budget and expertise. This is a common occurrence in the shallow backwater bays during the summer, the place where small tarpon spend most of their time. One of the ways to scout for the presence of the "silver king" is to look and listen for tarpon to "roll" on the surface. That's when they gulp air and pass it into the swim bladder.Tarpon begin their spawn in mid May and reach peak activity in June and July. In the end weather you win or loose the profits go to a very good charity and will leave you feeling good.

The fish swim offshore to spawn but within 30 to 45 days, the young fish that have survived are an inch long and are moving into the estuaries where they will live for the next few years.
The small fish move far up the tidal creeks looking for small protected areas where they can live and escape their predators.
Some of these fish become land-locked in small ponds and ditches as summer rains subside and the mangrove forest dries out. When you combine this with the $50 special tag that anglers need in order to take a specimen, the number of "kills" attributed to anglers goes down even further. Big fish require big tackle and those going after the 150 ponders and up need to use a seven to eight foot stout rod and a reel capable of holding 200 yards of 15-30 pound test line. Use 30 pound test backing and have at least 200 yards on the spool in addition to the fly line.Whether using conventional tackle or a fly rod, a 20 to 40 pound leader, depending on the size line you're using, is necessary. Attach a one foot piece of 100 pound test line to the end of the leader and tie the hook to that. The heavy line is necessary helps prevent the fish from fraying or chewing through the line. Many anglers tie a Bimini Twist on the end of their spinning or plug rods and then tie the leader to that. Tarpon will also take other live baits such as large shrimp, lady fish, catfish, and pin fish.
When tarpon are feeding on a school of bait fish, they stun some fish as they attack the school.
A piece of cut bait apparently resembles a stunned fish close enough for a tarpon to go after it.Spinning and casting anglers can use lures that resemble mullet and other bait fish. Some of the more popular lures used by tarpon anglers are the Zara Spook, Creek Chub Darter, Chartreuse Bomber Long A, 52m MirrOlure, Bagley Finger Mullet, Ratlin' Flash, and Ratl' Trap.
Experienced anglers usually replace the hooks that come on the lures with 3X strength hooks because of the tremendous biting force of the fish.Streamers are considered one of the best tarpon flies.

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