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DBA customers are located all over the world and boats have been built in overseas countries, under the DBA brand. DBA to date has mainly worked and marketed Aluminum boats ranging from 5.5m to 10m for recreational and commercial use.
DBA is very interested in supplying Do It Yourself boat kits to the professional and the recreational boat builder in Aluminum and Fibre Glass. The Business is based on the Australian south coast of NSW, however no client or boat builder is very far away through the use of the internet, e-mail, SKYPE and other electronic media, quoting, engineering, construction supervision and consultation is easily maintained through a project.
Having had an electric PT-109 when I was a kid, I was very excited to see Pro Boat release a ready -to-run version. While not required, you may want to consider how you would retrieve your boat if it stopped running or flipped over away from shore. Either at home or prior to launching the PT-109 be sure to do a quick range check and confirm your rudders are going in the right direction.
The manual covers common sense maintenance such as making sure screws are tight and the props are free of debris. The Pro Boat PT-109 is an excellent looking, easy to operate, electric boat with a lot of scale appeal. While none of us here at BBW are particularly social media savvy, we started our Facebook page awhile back. We are very proud to announce a partnership with Trout Unlimited, the world’s premier cold water conservation organization, that will bring you the first ever TU Endorsed Boulder Boat Works drift boat. If you have been thinking about buying a Pro Guide Boat Kit or CRT Drift Boat, now is the time. Here is a very rare chance to save more than $6000 off the msrp versus buying a new, fully loaded Pro Guide.
Bob Stovern has been the artistic brain behind the look of BBW’s website, newsletters, ads and more, right from the beginning.

Reflections on Fly Fishing: Streamside Notes From Colorado Waters by Bob Stovernfeatures 36 photographs accompanied by 14 short essays gathered during ten years of Colorado fly fishing adventures.
DBA has come up with a flat pack technique for Fibre Glass boat designs and now intends to include them in the portfolio.
The Pro Boat PT-109 looks beautiful right out of the box and takes little effort to get it ready to patrol your waterway. Kennedy, the PT-109 was on assignment to intercept a convoy of Japanese destroyers when it was rammed and sunk by Japanese destroyer Amagiri on August 2nd, 1943. Some accessories must be installed like the torpedoes, rear mast, scale antenna and spotlight. You may also have to adjust the throttle trim so that the motors do not run in the neutral position. Anyone from novice to experienced boaters should have no trouble piloting and maintaining it. I hope to have my sound review up within 30 days with a brand new sound unit using my Pro Boat PT 109. Place your order for a Pro Guide high side or low side boat between now and December 15th and you will receive a $2,000 discount. We plan to raise our prices for 2015 on the boat kits and CRT drift boats, but we will honor 2014 prices for all orders received before January 1st, even for boats that are not made until July 2015. Place your order now, select a coveted spring production date and save money. Lieutenant Kennedy?s actions to rescue his crew members and lead them to safety have given the PT-109 a prominent place in American naval and popular history.
The navigation light does require two wires to be soldered together to power the light, and you must assemble the wooden boat stand that comes with the PT-109.
Confirming the motors are turning in the right direction is easier to do in the water next to shore.
Having reverse is also a nice feature that can help get you out of trouble or remove debris caught up in the propellers while in the water. It also features running lights that operate with a switch inside the boat - a nice touch for that early morning or late evening boating sessions.

This is very easy to do as each shaft has a grease tube and is easily greased using the Pro Boat grease gun with marine grease. It is easy to pilot on the water and can be driven at slow speeds until you are comfortable with the controls. We were even more surprised to find out that the guy who started it didn’t even own one of our boats. Even though she features a flat out gorgeous wood pack, she is tough as nails because the gunnels have been coated with epoxy before being varnished. Over the course of the next year, we saw many of our customers, friends and potential customers “friend” the rogue page and ask questions about BBW that went unanswered.
Best of all, part of the proceeds from each sale will go toward protecting the special places and fish we all love. This boat includes a large oarsman dry box, mid-ship drains, custom cover and our Fishdrifter galvanized trailer.
There are water pickups on the rudders that supply the water to cool the motors and speed control. We contacted the page administrator repeatedly, trying to gain administration of the page, but to no avail. He knows how to capture that beauty and share it, like few people I’ve met… and I’ve met a lot of very fishy people!
We never could figure out the administrator’s motive, so last week we had FB shut down the rogue page.
Take a look at Bob’s book for his amazing photos and relax while reading his nearly meditative “reflections.” This beautiful new book is the perfect holiday gift for the angler, river rat or nature lover in your life.

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