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3D model of free-standing boat shaped bathtub, available in 3dsMax and Vray, highly detailed 3d-models for modern bathtub design, no textures including. You need thin wood for many parts of this project, both to keep weight down and to allow the wood to bend. Begin by making a rectangular blank for the back panel of the bar, which consists of 13 narrow slats brought together with splines.
Normally, I use bar clamps to secure large panels such as these; but in this case, the force is likely to cause the thin panel to buckle. Unless you have some wide stock on hand, you need to edge-glue boards to create five wide panels for the bulkheads. Take a look at the plans to see how the door stiles extend between the lower bulkheads to square up the opening for the doors.
You need to strengthen the structure of the hull by connecting the bulkheads to the side panels. To make this installation easier, find an extra pair of hands to help, and conduct a dry-fit before you reach for the glue.
I recommend an air-powered finishing nailer as the easiest way to tack the strips to the sides of the hull while the glue dries.
After you've attached all three strips to one side, grab a handsaw and trim the excess material from the ends before repeating the entire process on the opposing side. To apply the strips, coat one side with glue, then work from bow to stern as you clamp the trim to the gunwale. With the basic structure of the boat bar complete, you're ready to add doors to the lower compartment. To finish my bar, I chose to go with a natural look by applying a tinted exterior wood preservative-Thompson wood protector in sheer honey gold. If you plan to use the boat bar outdoors, anchor the top to a fence or wall to prevent it from toppling over. Use it for bathroom decoration and interior space design, bathroom products design and scene simulation, rendering of indoor scene or pattern design. And schedules Antiqued Dark brownish boat shaped bookcase in Home & Garden Furniture Bookcases eBay. Boat Shaped Bookcase Plans online designs & Plan downloadBoat Shaped Bookcase Plans build boat bookcase boat shelf plans free rotating bookcase plans how to make a boat bookcase canoe bookcase plans free canoe shelf plans canoe bookshelf plans formal bookcasesBoat Shaped Bookcase Plans 31 January 2013 we finally got to deliver my daughter grandchildren Christmas represent between forecasts all being. Start by scribing a line down the centre of the panel, running in the same direction as the slats, then measure out from this centre line to mark the point at which the bottom corner of each bulkhead meets the curved sides. You'll also need to drive a nail in the bottom corners and where the sides meet at the bow. You can hold these bulkheads in place with clamps, or tack them in position through the back panel with an air nailer or spiral finishing nails.
To make these parts, cut out a pair of rectangular blanks, then use the sides of the back panel as a pattern to lay out the curved edges. Prior to installation, you'll need to bevel the top and bottom edges of the side rails at the tablesaw to compensate for the slope of the side of the back panel. Grab the short bulkhead you made earlier and prepare blanks for the triangular upper and lower bow plates.

Start fastening it at the bow and tack it to the edge of the bulkheads and back panel as you progress downward.
Check for gaps and make sure the outside edges are aligned before allowing the glue to dry. I included plenty of storage for these in divided compartments located directly under the bar top. Cut out the spacers and rails as shown in the materials list, then glue the rails to the spacers with an equal overhang on both sides.
This step slows the greying process that occurs with any wood after extended exposure to the sun. September 11 2010-shaped boat is now January 22 2013 Sauceboat library in the shape of Bookshelf. Although this rowboat-shaped bar will never leave the shore, its construction is similar to building the real thing in many ways.
Next, cut a long strip of wood from thin material and bend it around the outside of the nails to form a gentle curve on one side of the boat. Note that the measurements given in the materials list for these parts includes a waste allowance for trimming panels to length. Once again, you'll use the back panel as a pattern to transfer the profile to the ends of the rails before trimming them to length with a bandsaw.
As before, use the back panel as a template to trace the side profile onto the blanks and cut out the shapes at the bandsaw. Apply glue to the top and rear edges of the joined ribs and clamp the assembly in place, with the back edge centred against the upper bulkhead. Hammer-driven finishing nails installed close to the edge of the thin material may cause the wood to split.
These strips are longer than necessary to allow for a slight overhang at the bow and stern. Don't change the set-up-you also need to make slots of the same size on the ends of the horizontal rails.
I used some decorative brass hinges to mount the doors and found decorative brass dock cleats at my local building centre to use as door handles.
Another option is to apply a distressed paint finish that simulates years of weathering at sea. Does anyone have plans for one of those brings canoing wrought sauce words surgery library drives my wife saw nonpareil at Gander Mountain and loved it.
This is important because the ends need to be cut at an angle to match the curved shape of the back panel on your particular project. After sanding, glue the rear piece directly to the back panel and attach the front to the underside of the lower bulkhead with glue and #20 biscuits. Attach the bottom edges of the plates perpendicular to the top and bottom of the short bulkhead with glue and biscuits. The strips start from the top bulkhead on the inside and one strip goes from the nose trim on the exterior. After you glue the plate in place, sand the sides to blend the edges of the cap with the outside of the gunwale trim.

For a more pleasing appearance, chamfer the sides and fronts of the cleats with a router and 45? bearing-guided bevelling bit before gluing them into place.
Shop by price as six Ft gravy Wine Rack holder glass holder shelf library Boat Shaped Bookcase Plans-5. It's good to have a couple of helpers to complete this procedure, but you can handle the job yourself by securing the wood strip to the nails with spring clamps.
After transferring the profile to the blanks, head over to the bandsaw to complete the cuts. Apply glue to the ends and the top edges of the frame sides, then clamp the parts in place.
Make them at the router table with a straight bit or by using a dado blade in the tablesaw. After gluing the strips in place, perform a nose job by rounding over the sharp point with a sanding block, creating a softer, slightly weathered appearance. When you install these parts, make sure the upper and lower cleats are aligned to ensure the divided openings end up being square. Repeat the entire process to prepare a mirror image of the curved profile on the opposing side.
The reference lines you made earlier tell you exactly where to position the bulkhead when you do this operation. Sand the edges, then install the stiles flush with the front inside edges of the bulkheads using a couple of dowels to connect the ends into the bulkheads. When you do, apply glue to the end of the rails and both sides of the splines, but keep the panel slots dry.
Use a scrap spacer to eliminate the need to measure and help you to achieve more consistent results. Before removing the nails, use a straightedge and a pencil to mark the bottom edges of the bulkheads. Take the bulkhead panels over to the tablesaw and adjust the blade to the angle of the reference lines. After the last strip is applied, sand the outside faces of the lamination and roundover the corners. The panels need to float freely in grooves to allow for seasonal expansion and contraction. When this is done, pull all the nails and, following the pencil lines at the sides with a jigsaw, cut the back panel to shape. This is your wood look for result for woodworking plans library boat and selective information and atomic number 85.25 September 2010 Boat Shaped Bookcase Plans-5.

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