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Our secure application is easy to complete, all you need are a few personal and employment details. This was a clean straight rust free car out of washington state that I bought over 12 years ago.
I decided a few years ago I wanted to build a full blown bad ass pro touring car with no budget. It started by having a custom fabricated chromoly chassis built by a local chassis shop and then having it powder coated black.

Once the chassis was built the car was sent to Roger Burman in Iowa were the build began.We first worked with Legendary car designer Eric Brockmeyer to put our and his vision in the design.
The main vision of the car was to build a very clean pro touring car with clean lines and keep it timeless. From the front of the car we lowered the front valance 5" and added a solid black satin mesh insert.
On the sides of the valance we recessed "4 fogs lights and at the bottom of the valance we molded on a small tasteful lip.

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