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Here you will find a large collection of free bass fishing games to play on your computer and play online. Fish aggressively across the country as you go head to head against other anglers in multiple levels of competition.
If you're familiar with the Trophy Bass series of fishing games, then you will be at no disadvantage at getting up to speed with this one. PROS: Good graphics for it's time and standard controls that have become standard thanks to Vivendi's efforts.
PROS: One of the neatest features of this game is the large library of fishing tips and videos from the pros. CONS: Not much for a 3D environment and casting can be a bit tricky or annoying, depending on your patience level.
CONS: Controls are a bit simplistic for avid gamers and the online play is merely score keeping. I knew you always wanted to be one of the Lindner's, but without the thick Minnesota accent of course!
CONS: The stunning graphics made up for any shortcomings that may have arised with lure selection and rigging options. Atari's bass fishing game has many nice features including LAN play with friends and even online internet play with GameSpy Arcade, a popular online gaming portal. CONS: Compared to a lot of the newer fishing games, the graphics could be better, but it's fun and fast rendering.
CONS: Once again, compared to the newer games, controls and 3D environments don't match up.
Rapala Pro FishingCD or Download361 MbGrab your tackle box, launch the bass boat, and LET'S GO!
Play the game against real life pro fishermen in authentic tournament action, Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010.

Now we can play the Rapala Pro Bass Fishing against real-life fishing pros on top freshwater lakes across North America. According to me, it’s the very first fishing game in which the action is presented as a live TV event with announcers to set up the competition in a professional tournament structure.
Both Al and James Lindner had a large role in the creation and development of the game engine! Non-fishing enthusiasts can come across enjoyment in these games.Bass fishing game is really a new flash version of front view fishing game. You can use unique assortment of Rapala lures, licensed boats, motors and gear to fish over 25 species of trophy fish.
In which you use your fishing skills and tray to catch as many bass fish as you possibly can. You can challenge your friends for different competitive fishing and angling challenges in the simultaneous multiplayer mode.
It will be a great fun to play a game with announcer commentary, competitive leader boards and etc. It also includes live updates, announcer commentary, analysis, competitive leader boards and heart-pounding final weigh-ins. If you want this game you may tray other cool fishing games like Lake fishing: Alpine pearl, Lake fishing, Jungle day, Sea Fishing, and Lake Fishing series 1,2,3 if you enjoyed playing this game but still need some fishing the tray them for free online websites, So have fun and become the ultimate fisherman out of this new 3d flash Bass fishing game.
They might also be as complex as finding out what needs to be done when an invasive species enters the dream lake.
Bass Fishing GamesThese free bass fishing games are very well like by gamers, fishing fans or otherwise. This is because you do not really have to learn the basics of fishing simply to play the game.
Try your hand within this fishing game and you’ll know for sure if you can get into the real hobby or otherwise.

Big catch is really a PC game, which educates and informs children about big perch like trout and bass. He or she can keep their mental angling skills sharp in the off-season as well as continue their interest level in fishing while off the water. It’s an easy step from the computer screen to the front deck of a bass boat.Because the game depicts the natural world of the bass, players with little or no knowledge of fish or fishing can use the game to learn how, where and when fish react as they do. Fishing Points Game: Well, there is nothing better than actually going and catching a fish in freshwater. There also are numerous websites dedicated to bass fishing that have high web traffic, indicating the popularity of the computer-and-fishing link. You can pep up the sometimes monotonous act of fishing by choosing a certain number of points for every species of fish. Possess the children guess the species and when they get it correct, award them with a goodie – a candy or a chocolate. To make it more interesting the children could be explained the difference between various kinds of fish.Shark Bait: Beware of this miniclip game, as it may be really addictive!
This is basically played using a computer mouse, where the players have to advice the fishing hook with the help of a button to catch the biggest fish. It uses wii remote for recreating actual life movements like casting, reeling and combating a fish.
The nunchuk may be used here in a circular motion to reel in the line and then swing back the remote for casting forward and casting out as farther as possible.

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