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Driven like that parking lot speed would be disasterous the popup section will blow away if you shift into second, I looks really Boganish but I have seen a similar roof top set up before. We can build a 4.25m high body on a truck chassis before overheight permits are required so that wouldnt be a problem but out of canvas nar, aluminium doesnt billow in the wind so much and just the sheer sail area would restrict this monstrosity untill it blew apart if ya fold the top down its a great idea, stability? It kinda looks like it was crossing a railroad track at the time so I hope it wasn’t going too fast.

What really tends to confirm that theory is that the front sleeping compartment of the pop-up tent trailer seems to be lifting up quite bit, from obvious aerodynamic forces. The bigger concern is that sitting that high up that truck would probably tip during a turn at anything more than a low speed.

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