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Location: canada making a mold, 8ft speedboat(55 kph) 20 hp, homemade myself and my brother have built a fun little speed boat.
Location: Sacramento My impression from these small boats is that smooth water no problem, but in a chop, sitting down will pound your *** to death, unlike a jetski where you can stand and let your legs work as shock absorbers. Making a mold is well documented in many places, key to it mostly is having the shape so it doesn't have 'undercuts' (which is probably the wrong word).
Location: canada I'm still not very versed in all nautical terms but the porpusing is aided by some flaps with actuators on each tunnel of the hull and it only porpuses if you take a sharp turn at 45 kph or more, anything under and it handles whatever you put it through. I have had the boat in about 1 foot chop and it was a little uncomfortable but at half foot or less I is quite a fun ride at high speed and only my mother reduced the speed to less than full throttle in that chop. Considering you designed the boat yourself, you are fortunate to have an animal that doesnt have really dangerous habits at hi-speed.

However, to take it to professional performance, you are going to need to get a professional design - porpoising, weight distribution, wave penetration etc are all professional problems, and not one you can cure in an informal forum discussion.
The cheaper option would be to buy an existing design, where the mysteries of fibreglass moulding should be explained.
If you have a fair bit of spare cash, consulting with an experienced designer would be the best option. Location: canada I have modified plans for a new hull and deck that should address some of the weight redistribution. Originally Posted by hardcopy I have modified plans for a new hull and deck that should address some of the weight redistribution. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

I guess what I'm looking for is advice on how to recreate this boat but make it lighter and have a diferent shell on top.
I apologize for this being a repeat thread but I have looked trough the archives and haven't found anything that fully helps understand the process.

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