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As you can see from the before and after photos below the Overboard Designs houseboat was a disaster when first purchased one year ago! This complete re-do consisted of not only all-new upholstery and canvas, but also a new wraparound soffit ceiling with lighting, stripped down and re-stained cabinetry, new window trims, wall paint, new tile floors, new carpet, new fittings and hardware throughout the entire boat, new bedding in all 4 queen rooms, all new appliances, new furniture, new draperies and decorations all throughout, and a new 22ft party top for shade on the top deck making it the ultimate hang out spot!
This four bedroom houseboat is the perfect addition for an individual or couple whom is looking for their first house boat. Just curious what everyone's opinions are for materials for re-covering houseboat furniture. Hi Joyce, my husband and I have gutted a 1983 houseboat and we are just starting the interior.
Joyce, I would suggest making a trip to the local RV dealer and look through some of the new motorhomes for design ideas. The redesigned ceiling and skylights add natural light, great lighting, and architectural interest to this room. The renovation involved adding a sleeping loft above the existing structure (which actually floats on huge logs).
The 90s teal theme on the outside was a sore to see, the interior was grungy and looked like it was straight out of 1990s teens bedroom and it was a project no one wanted to attempt to fix.

I would pretty much like to gut the master bedroom, and put my cherry queen size bed in and nightstands that were in my house. Going with RV furniture or Marine furniture is a plus because it is designed with tight spaces in mind. Just remember to measure twice first, since size measurements in a houseboat can be deceiving. To accomplish necessary non-combustible surfaces surrounding the new wood-burning stove by Rais, I wrapped the right side of the cabinetry with stone tile. There is a full bathroom with a shower, a half bath with washer and dryer, complete working kitchen, lots of closet and drawer space, and several decks (front deck is completely enclosed) including a large full-length deck on the second story of the houseboat. Attending RV and Boat Shows is a great way to see lots of products and ideas in one place. I have got several ideas for my boat looking at an RV layout.The manufacturers have spent millions of dollars and engineers have logged thousands of hours making the space they have to work with the most efficient it can be. Just remember that on a houseboat, everyone seems to gather in one location, so try and get comfortable furniture that encourages a relaxed atmosphere.As to cabinets, this is trickier since houseboat wall and floors are not all square and equal. Experts in the field can often help you come up solutions that you may not have thought of and because they deal with numerous different boats all of the time they have usually seen every problem under the sun (including some that you would have never thought of.) Another good reason for using Marine or RV furniture is that it is designed to be able to disassemble in order to get it through tight spaces in order to install it.

You may get away with cabinets from your local Home Depot or the sort, if not you may find that some custom cabinets makers maybe needed.I hope that you solve your situation, and if do, please take some before and after pictures, this way you can post your tips and results. Most Marine & RV sofas can be brought in through an 18"-20" opening, making furniture installation much easier for you. I am sure many of our readers would love to hear about them.Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat upgrading and remodeling experiences. As a marine furniture dealer and manufacturer, we have come across many unusual obstacles, but when there isn't a pre-manufactured solution you can always have furniture custom built to fit your needs.
Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates. Kohler's "trough sink" sits below window in this view, creating a highly functional prep area adjacent to range top.
Many of the ideas for the interior have come from tons of research on the internet and like Tim said, visits to various RV centers.

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